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Axxon Enterprise to secure 16th Ibero-American Summit


Axxon Enterprise to secure 16th Ibero-American Summit

Creative House, Axxon (former ITV)'s partner of Latin America, provided security to twenty-two state and government heads from across Latin America, plus the King of Spain Juan Carlos and Secretary General Koffi Anan safety and security at the Ibero-American Summit held in Montevideo Uruguay on November 3-5, 2006. Installation was based on Intellect software, Face-Intellect, Object Tracking and Left Object technologies by Axxon (former ITV). Increased security measures were taken in the city of Montevideo and the hotel the meetings were taken place.

In cooperation with Axxon (former ITV) Latin America and Axxon (former ITV) Corporate Headquarters (Moscow) a tremendous security installation was carried out. All works were coordinated by the Uruguayan Government Authorities. To provide the highest level of security at the facility, Creative House installation team has positioned a set of high-resolution cameras covering the key areas of the facility – conference hall, entrance, hallway, lobby, corridors, staircases and elevators. The Intellect security solution by Axxon (former ITV) was chosen for the task due to the need for reliability, open system architecture, ease-of-use and a large number of cameras to be viewed and recorded simultaneously. Installed security system incorporated face capture and recognition technology, intelligent detectors – motion detection, unattended objects detection, camera stable operation detector (loss focus, stray light, blocked or tilted camera).

Apart from use of Intellect security solution in action the system was presented in hallway and attracted intense interest of guests and officials. Two Face Capture and Recognition Points each linked to 3 cameras and powered by Face-Intellect were installed at the hotel. Cameras were positioned at two distances within 4 meters away from the Metal Detector and Camera Pedestal and linked with 2 video servers with the database stored. The installation allowed capturing both, people standing still in front of the cameras and passing by through the retractable belt queue belt passes.

Two 42 inch plasmas were connected to the servers to display system operation in real time. Demonstration drew attention and comments of Presidents and their security teams who could not resist asking questions about what they were seeing and how it worked to actually recognize their faces.

All people engaged in the Summit had to be accredited by the government with a Mifare ID Cards which recorded photo and finger print of each person.

There were set a lot of control points in different locations of the facility, but the last ring of security - the super restricted entrance area of the ballroom - was for those who were not requested to be registered with Mifare cards, meaning the closest circle of people escorting each president. They were the subject of Face-Intellect to be granted with entrance. So people with no credentials had to be recognized by the system otherwise no access was granted to the Ballroom.

In addition, one more server was installed at the Summit Monitoring Center with four Dome Cameras connected. Installed software enabled security guards to detect left or unattended objects in less than 30 seconds showing it on the operator display. According Security officers they have never seen software like this and it really helped them to work faster and more efficiently. The Object Tracking software allowed security team to keep an eye on every movement at the lobby area.

Installed security system has exceeded all of Uruguayan Government expectations, who highly valued results of its operation. The success of the installation has already triggered a plan of Panama and Chilean authorities to install the similar system at the UN conference that is to be held in Panama and at the next Summit sessions that will take place in Santiago in November 2007.