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Large Installations Beyond the Urals


Large Installations Beyond the Urals

An authorized Axxon (former ITV) partner, Garant Production and Commercial Firm performed a series of Axxon (former ITV) products based installations. Here follows a brief description of the most significant sites equipped with security systems in the last two years.

One of the most prominent locations where Axxon (former ITV) products have been implemented is Novosibirsk tube railroad system. Lenin Square metro station has been equipped with 4 facial capture modules along with Face-Intellect facial recognition station. There are three Intellect core-based video servers two of which are used for facial capture (2 capture modules per each) and a separate server that compares captured images with database templates. High resolution color Sony cameras with Computar lenses are provided for video image capturing. There were several remote workplaces created in the offices of City (UVD) and Main Regional (GUVD) Internal Affairs Directorates to perform video control over the metro station. The installation has been completed in 2004 by the initiative of GUVD due to increased risks of terrorist attacks; the main goal of the system operation is to control over the situation and to track malicious persons. We must note that at the moment it was one of the first projects of such complexity in Russia.

Large installations beyond the UralsAnother site being no less important is Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management. Three buildings of the educational facility have been equipped with a security system based on Intellect platform by Axxon (former ITV). Each building has a separate video server running under Intellect system core and having Intellect-Video subsystem and access control system (fully integrated Apollo access points) installed. Each server has been also provided with PhotoID module to compare user database photo and data templates with live video coming from surveillance cameras. There are 16 indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras and 14 automatic Apollo controlled tripod turnstiles based access points in total. Aside from three system cores mentioned, there is another core installed on notebook PC at the access control desk, and a separate PC workplace intended for video storage and archive viewing. The main goals of the installation are effective attendance control, unauthorized access prevention and eliminating huge queues on access points due to traditional ID cards usage. The system has been deployed from January to November 2006.

Large installations beyond the UralsVideo surveillance systems are also in demand among retailers such as major marketplaces. Levoberezhny (Left Bank) marketplace is an ultra large fair in Novosibirsk – in fact, it is a city within a city where all variety of goods can be purchased in one session. Here are several independent Video7 systems installed having 95 indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras installed (most of them are analog but several IP ones have been also deployed) and five remote monitoring workplaces organized. Monitored are retail spaces, auxiliary and office premises, security officers workplaces and access points. High resolution cameras have been placed on each entry to make vehicles' license plates readable by security service personnel. At present, the marketplace is expanding, and the surveillance system has been planned to update. System deployment has begun in mid-2005.

Three largest sites have been shortly presented above where Garant company installed Axxon (former ITV) surveillance systems in recent two years. Garant continues its broad activities in professional communications and security field started in 1996. Qualified staff engineers with up to 25 years of personal expertise are working for the firm. Garant has several branches – in Moscow , Novokuznetsk and Novosibirsk . Being a reliable and stable Axxon (former ITV) partner the company provides turnkey solutions of different scales and complexity – automatic firefighting systems of all kinds, fire and burglary alarm systems, alarm notification and emergency management systems, solutions for ventilation and smoke removal, video surveillance, access control (ID card, biometric and keypad-based). The company develops and deploys structured cable networks and inner cable phone solutions as well. And the most recent trend in Garant company activities is to design highly integrated security systems which include all subsystems mentioned above. Axxon (former ITV) platforms are ideal means to build it around.