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Axxon Enterprise Protects Another Private Villa


Axxon Enterprise Protects Another Private Villa

Axxon Enterprise has been chosen as a platform to build a private villa video surveillance system. The installation for the site located on Rublevskoe Shosse (elite Moscow suburbs) has been performed by Prizma-RSB company.

Newer residential houses have higher standards for all components including security systems; this is quite logical due to recent raise of criminal and terrorist activities. Key requirements applied here to video surveillance are:

  • high image quality;
  • high reliability of the surveillance system;
  • remote monitoring capability (from several workplaces including security room, study, kitchen, lounge, etc.);
  • indoor/outdoor PTZ cameras remote control capability;
  • synchro audio support;
  • access protected video server;
  • remote monitoring via the Internet.

The core of the system deployed is Axxon Enterprise system installed on VIDEOMAXi-6-8 from Unimax company, an official Axxon (former ITV) partner. Color pan-tilt-30x zoom cameras from Fine are used indoors, and Watec fixed cameras in thermal cases guard the site from outside. 8 fps video input is quite enough for the task. Two monitors are used for onsite monitoring; three more remote workplaces give the villa owner access to both live and recorded images, control the security staff operations and override control over the entire video surveillance system at any time. HDDs installed are capable of video archive storage as deep as 30 days.

Axxon Enterprise integrated video surveillance system has been chosen not just because it fits all the requirements above; being both versatile and limitlessly scalable it can cover a site of any level of complexity. Due to its simplicity, reliability and powerful functionality, Axxon Enterprise system is widely popular far beyond residential housing sector being applied in banks, retail and commercial facilities. The recent series of its installations prove high credibility and confidence towards Axxon (former ITV) systems from both national customers and advanced clients from abroad, not only organizations but also private persons.