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Axxon Enterprise protects the largest railway tunnel in Russia


Axxon Enterprise protects the largest railway tunnel in RussiaAn Axxon (former ITV) partner, Profis Engineering Centre company, has just finished an installation of a comprehensive security system in Severomuyski railway tunnel. Axxon Enterprise integrated security system has been chosen as the platform to build the system on. A following report has been published on 10 th of January, 2007 on the website of Vesti, Russia Federal State TV news program, the most rated news channel nationwide.

Severomuyski railway tunnel goes CCTV equipped

Axxon Enterprise protects the largest railway tunnel in RussiaSeveromuyski, the largest railway tunnel in Russia , has been equipped with 24/7 video surveillance system to monitor its operation from the inside. 50 CCTV cameras were distributed across the whole distance, each one delivering its image in real time to a centralized control room. ITAR-TASS refers to the information given by East Siberian Railway Authority whose spokesman said: "Cameras keep their eye on all space inside the tunnel including supporting framework." It was also noted that the project costs have been rated at 15 million roubles.

Severomuyski railway tunnel is a part of Baikal-Amur Mainline being the longest in Russia and fifth in the world. The overall length of the unique tunnel is 15.3 km . Its construction lasted for 27 years – from 1977 ti 2003 – and ten thousand people took part in various jobs comprising the whole project. 57 of them were killed in various accidents occurred due to not well prepared geological background research. Once tunnellers from Bamtonnelstroy company stumbled on a very complicated hydrogeological issue: the Angarkan tectonic fault had to be crossed. Everfrozen subsoil in the tunnel core came into the neighborhood with hot underground lakes of thermal water resulting in frequent breakthroughs of water/sand pulp under pressure of more than 16 atms. These dangerous spews slowed down the construction calling for unprecedented engineering solutions. Now the Severomuyski tunnel is a highly sophisticated engineering structure. 1200 cubic meters of water per second are drained out of its space permanently; unique ventilation, firefighting and security systems are installed in there. A sufficient shortcut of the mainline has been obtained – due to the start of its operation, an increase of up to 20 mln tons of BAM cargo traffic is expected each year.

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Axxon Enterprise protects the largest railway tunnel in RussiaThe integrated security system had incorporated video surveillance, fire/burglary alarm and access control subsystems over both tunnel faces and 4 duct shafts along with surrounding areas and auxiliary premises. The video surveillance system comprises 8 video servers and 5 Matrix LH video hubs from Axxon (former ITV). Fire/burglary alarm and access control systems are built around 777 integrated security system from Rovalent running under control of Inellect software. Three remote monitoring workplaces have been deployed at watchposts and control room. Soon the live video feed will start being delivered to a unified control centre of East-Siberian Railway Authority in Irkutsk already having similar feeds from a number of other important locations where Axxon (former ITV) system has been installed as well.

Profis Engineering Centre company, Irkutsk, Russia, is specialized on design, installation and technical support of CCTV, FBAS, ACS, LAN and cable phone networks, electrical supply, firefighting and alarm notification systems. The company has accumulated rich technical expertise conducting numerous installation projects for various industrial objects (energy, metallurgy, petrochemistry, forestry), and for Central Bank of Russia. The Severomuyski railway tunnel is on top of the list of assets of national importance equipped by Profis Centre; all of installations have been built around Axxon (former ITV) products.