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Video7 in Nikko Dry Cleaners Network


Video7 in Nikko Dry Cleaners Network

Center-ST (Videoglaz), an official Axxon (former ITV) partner, had just completed a large installation project providing security solution for popular Nikko Dry Cleaners network. Video7 video surveillance system from Axxon (former ITV) has been deployed on ten company sites in Moscow.

The goal, according to Nikko Dry Cleaners authorities, was to create an inexpensive but efficient and functional security system providing video surveillance in key premises along with personnel operations control and customers' assets protection. Video7 system from Axxon (former ITV) has been chosen as an optimal solution for the case.

All sites where Video7 installation has been conducted are situated within major trade centers of Moscow. Each site Video7 in Nikko Dry Cleaners Networkhas been equipped with 4 channel version of the system having 8 fps frame rate per channel. 40 basic CCTV cameras were installed in total. Center-ST (Videoglaz) company specialists conducted cleaners' network personnel trainings and testing. There were no difficulties for Nikko Dry Cleaners employees to master the new CCTV system; this is quite typical for Video7 platform based solutions: plenty of useful features but extremely simple in training and operation.

Now, Nikko Dry Cleaners network is protected with a highly functional and effectively operated video surveillance system; this fact makes both company board and staff personnel feel safe and secure regarding both business operations and clients' possessions.

Nikko Dry Cleaners runs its domestic services business since November 1997. The service that company provides is a highly effective laundry and dry cleaning pickup points and processing stations network across Russian capital; Nikko occupies a strong market position within its segment nationwide.