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Safe Recreation


Safe Recreation

Sistemy Sviazi, an Axxon (former ITV) partner company, had just finished installation of a security system in a brand new Vavilonia Recreation Technologies' entertainment center in Rostov-on-Don. The system has been built upon Axxon Enterprise intelligent video platform.

Being an entertainment center, Vavilonia comprises a 4x multiple movie theater, a motor racing track, two bowling halls, billiards, playground for children, a rock climbing site, a skating rink, a networking games hall, some coffee shops and bars, a dance floor and a sushi bar.

The task that Vavilonia center authorities put onto installer company staff specialists was building a security system capable of effective centralized monitoring of all surveillance areas ensuring high quality customer service. The video data has to be transferred via IP network to provide remote monitoring and control over some areas having high image quality; several areas had to be audio controlled separately from video; all data had to be stored for no less than one week having fast and convenient archive footage access. Requirements for the entire system comprised also highest possible stability and scalability.

The resulting system was built on the basis of Axxon Enterprise intelligent video platform from Axxon (former ITV) featuring 64 video channels 8 fps frame rate each. 3 remote workplaces had been built, 2 video servers interconnected. Considering premises configuration and system functions set by the customer, the installer has deployed 62 CGB ceiling mounted dome cameras 12 of which are color ones.

As a result, Vavilonia management has become capable of more detailed control over all areas of employees' activity, more fast and adequate response to incidents which are unavoidable in such a place of mass circulation. The system operator is constantly on air having been connected with security staff on duty. Despite the system is very large, storage capabilities provide 9 days of keeping the archive; obsolete files are deleted automatically giving operators an option to make backup copies of chosen events. Several staff members have been appointed to have remote viewing rights for restricted areas.

Vavilonia entertainment center management reports on the installed Axxon Enterprise-driven system positively. The system is suggested to be expanded along with the centre services.

Sistemy Sviazi company being an installer in the project mentioned shows positive dynamics on local security market. The engineering staff takes part in various training programs concentrating knowledge and skills in various security systems deployment and maintenance. The service record of the company lists numerous sites of different scales and complexity levels: from small retail stores to huge industrial facilities.