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Axxon Intellect Enterprise at Murmansk International Airport: Airport Executives Express Gratitude to Universal-SB ATC and AxxonSoft


The Universal-SB Advanced Technology Center has expanded the security system at the terminal of International Airport of Murmansk, Russia. The project was a continuation of collaboration which began in 2004.

Two years ago the Murmansk company Universal ATC equipped the terminal building with a security system based on the Axxon Intellect Enterprise software package. The Intellect-based digital system replaced a technologically obsolete industrial analog television system, PTU-55. The first high-speed PTZ camera was also installed at that time.

In order to reinforce terrorism prevention measures, in May 2006 the administration of Murmansk Airport decided to expand the video recording system. It was necessary to place the zones for collection and transport of baggage under video monitoring. During development of the new project, the client defined the following tasks: receive quality color images from the airport concourse; monitor passenger registration zones; monitor baggage collection zones and implement surveillance of baggage transfer until it is loaded on the airplane; and monitor baggage unloading in the arrival zone.

At the request of the airport administration, it was necessary to implement the capability to transfer information from video servers to remote workstations in the air safety service, the transport division service, and the militia station. Those responsible for security needed to be able to conduct both operational surveillance and analysis of previously recorded events stored in the video archive. In all, the installer faced the task of creating a system with a flexible architecture and the capability to be expanded in the future.

Taking into account the successful operation of the previously installed Axxon Intellect Enterprise system, as well as the special requirements for reliability of the hardware, it was decided to install an additional Matrix video server and unite all the video servers via a local network. During project implementation, recording of video from existing video surveillance cameras used by the Yantar radiation control system was organized. This allowed the client to see the merits of the flexibility of the Intellect package's structure.

The part of the system implemented in the first year consists of two video servers and three remote workstations. The first video server records information coming in from the PTZ camera installed on the airport’s apron, four analog cameras and four Axis IP video servers. In turn, there are four analog cameras connected to each Axis IP video server. 11 analog cameras are connected to the second video server.

Universal-SB ATC representative Vladimir Shchukin and airport representatives particularly noted the work of AxxonSoft's technical support service, thanks to whose prompt and detailed consultations technical issues related to the integration of the Axis video servers and the organization of PTZ camera control were quickly solved.

The successful collaboration of the installation company and the client’s technical specialists allowed the expansion of the video recording system to 32 channels to be carried out in the course of one and a half months. In addition, testing of equipment for transferring data over a VDSL channel and controlling PTZ cameras both from video servers and from remote workstations was conducted. The Intellect software package’s intuitive interface allowed operators to start working with the system immediately after brief instruction.

Murmansk Airport executives noted the high qualifications of Universal-SB ATC’s employees at all stages: during planning, during pre-installation testing, and during the execution of the entire work project. Airport executives expressed gratitude to Universal-SB ATC for its highly professional work and to AxxonSoft for supplying quality equipment and software.

At present the further development of the complex is under discussion. In particular, switching to IP cameras in zones where there is a LAN is being considered. The task of installing two high-speed PTZ cameras in the apron zone and the local airline zone for event monitoring and three cameras for surveillance of the specialized machinery hangar has been set.

Currently the system includes 4 video servers, 11 remote workstations, 63 stationary cameras, and 6 remote-controlled cameras.

About our partner. The Universal-SB Advanced Technology Center has extensive experience in deploying security systems of varying complexities. The company’s portfolio includes development of systems at facilities such as the Murmansk Seaport, the Arctic Hotel, Murmansk Airport, City Gourmet Supermarket facilities, and the Belokamenka Floating Oil Storage Facility, as well as shopping centers, sports facilities, restaurants, scientific institutions and fishing and fish-processing facilities.