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Axxon Enterprise Makes TELE2 Call Center Operations More Effective


Дипломом I степени  за ВидеоIQ7  The staff specialists of Sistemy Sviazi Group, a local Axxon (former ITV) partner in Rostov-on-Don, had just finished the installation of an integrated security system based on Axxon Enterprise platform at the local call center of TELE2 Russia International Cellular B.V. mobile operator.

The integrated security system based on Axxon Enterprise software solution from Axxon (former ITV) included video surveillance and access control subsystems. Video subsystem incorporates 10 KPC 650 CCTV cameras two of which are placed inside thermal cases for outdoor installation; others are mounted indoors. Three remote operator's workplaces are set. ACS consisting of PERCo equipment comprises 6 lock controllers placed indoors.

Establishing high quality video reproduction, the installation enables Rostov-on-Don branch of TELE2 Russia board and security officers to grab control over key areas of the call center and deliver the video streams to the corporate network. The video is stored no less than a week, and the access to archives is simple and effective. The system is easily scalable and the entire installation works pretty stable.

Since now, the branch authorities can track all the details on call center personnel actions and migrations. Several company officers were granted access to video feeds from some restricted areas as well.

The board of Rostov branch of TELE2 Russia International Cellular B.V. company is highly positive towards the Axxon Enterprise-based integrated security system; on finishing additional call center premises preparation, system expansion is discussed to be carried out.

TELE2 is a European telecommunications holding company providing wide specter of services, mainly mobile and cable phone contracts, Internet access, high speed data transfer and cable TV. TELE 2 owns controlling interest of 17 regional operators in Russia. Twelve TELE2 GSM local networks are in operation at the moment – in Saint Petersburg; Leningrad, Kemerovo, Omsk, Irkutsk, Rostov, Smolensk, Nizhni Novgorod, Cheliabinsk, Kursk, Belgorod, Lipetsk, Voronezh regions and Komi Republic.

The installer of the integrated security system, Sistemy Sviazi Group is a company of high growth rate having its technical crew at the edge of newest trends and technologies to provide installations of any degree of complexity.