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Murmansk Sea Port Authorities Choose Axxon Enterprise Distributed Integrated Security System


Murmansk Sea Port Authorities Choose Axxon Enterprise Distributed Integrated Security System

Universal High Technologies Center, a local partner company for Axxon (former ITV) in Murmansk, had just finished deployment and startup of a video recording system built upon Axxon Enterprise distributed integrated security system. The system has been deployed over the 2nd Cargo District of Murmansk Sea Port.

In May, 2005 Murmansk Sea Port Authority took the decision to introduce a video control system. Seven companies were invited to take part in bidding for this contract; five of them accepted the proposition.

Competitors were asked to demonstrate their systems' capabilities on-site. Each participant deployed several cameras along with video recording equipment. According to the sea port technical experts, the comparative test result was a clear-cut victory of Axxon Enterprise integrated security system from Axxon (former ITV). The system has been chosen due to its reliability, wide functionality and flexibility; it showed also its scalability and abilities to adopt new tasks and security requirements.

Technically, the tasks for the new system were:

  • video surveillance over the entire port territory
  • cargo operations video control
  • incoming railway line observation
  • access to livee video images via existing LAN
  • 24/7 recording of selected cameras signals
  • remote archive viewing via the same LAN

In August, 2005 the CCTV system deployment started at the 1st Cargo District of the sea port. The first stage included one video server operating video streams from 2 analog and 7 IP cameras (Axis 2120). IP cameras have been chosen due to high extension of the site monitored as well as sufficient distance from cameras to the server. Existing cable phone infrastructure free lines were applied for data transfer by means of VDSL modems.

Taking into account large areas to control and sufficient illumination fluctuations from season to season (polar day/night), high resolution cameras with aspheric lenses had been applied. The users were granted access to live camera images to provide operations video control along with archives analysis.

After CCTV system has been deployed at the 1st Cargo District, enlargement of the system had been scheduled. Installation at the 2nd Cargo District had begun in autumn of 2006. Two more video servers were installed at different parts of the district. One of the servers work with seven Axis 2420 IP cameras and two JVC speed dome cameras. Another one has 4 analog cameras at the moment; six more IP cameras are already planned to install. The entire system incorporates 15 remote operator's workplaces.

Three Axxon Enterprise system video servers are now processing video from 23 cameras in total. The system covers 15 moorings, coal reshipment areas, gas station, carriage repair workshops of 1st and 2nd cargo districts, cargo elevator and warehouses. PTZ cameras give operators an option of highly detailed video control over 2nd Cargo District open areas.

The main challenge of the project conducted by Universal High Technologies Center engineers was to deliver digitized video signal over cable phone lines. During the installation process, VDSL modems had been rejected for SHDSL due to lower interference sensibility of the latter. Another challenge was huge illumination changes from extremely low in winter (the polar night) to extremely high during in summer (the polar day). Both stages' installation procedures were held during the polar night season, and it was decided to apply high aperture lenses to solve the problem.

Alexey Abramov, Head of 2nd Cargo District of Murmansk Sea Port, gives the highest marks to the system based on Axxon Enterprise platform:

"The system installed showed itself as good as possible. It's a great support for our traffic operators' staff. Having a full district overview in real time provides faster response and more adequate actions. Archive viewing option gives us an option of post-event and periodic analysis to reveal vulnerable spots in operations. And of course the CCTV system increases the discipline of labor ".

The customer of this project is Murmansk Sea Port Company being the largest enterprise in Murnamsk, fourth in Russia by cargo turnover, and second largest port in the North-West of Russia (St. Petersburg's is the first). There are 17 moorages having 3 km total length . Cargo vessels limitations are down to 15.5 m keel depth and over 265 m length. Since the beginning of 1999, the sea port operates with PANAMAX vessels up to 80 000 tonnage accepting up to 20 000 tons of cargo per day. The port is provided with high performance equipment . There are gantry cranes of up to 40 tons of rated load capacity, apatite concentrate loading machine of over 1000 tons per hour capacity, lifting trucks of 1.5 to 32 rated load. To support auxiliary operations, tractive vehicles and roll trailers up to 40 tons capacity are used along with bulldozers, tractors and other machinery.

Universal High Technologies Center, the installer company for the project, is present on local security market for over six years. Its operating record lists over 130 video surveillance recording stations ranging from 2 to 56 CCTV cameras. The most notable sites where Axxon (former ITV) products have been deployed are: Arktika municipal hotel, Murmansk international airport, Department of collection, Ogni Murmanska hotel, Mechanical plant of Olenegorsk, Polar Institute of Geophysics, gas station and retail chains and many others.