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Axxon Enterprise Comes to Central House of Businessmen: Security and POS control


Axxon Enterprise Comes to Central House of Businessmen: Security and POS control

Videoglaz company, a partner of Axxon (former ITV), has just finished the installation of Intellect integrated security system in Central House of Businessmen in Moscow.

Central House of Businessmen (35MM) is one of the largest business and cultural centers in Moscow. Its creation got support from Moscow Government to offer business people of Russian capital a launch pad for new ideas and initiatives, and a home of mid- and lower range business support events. The event schedule of Central House of Businessmen (CHB) is packed with cultural and business events: conferences, forums, exhibitions, trade shows, seminars, business meetings, panel discussions, contests and festivals.

The main tasks of security system installation project, from CHB administration point of view, are to establish visitors' safety not sacrificing their comfort and to get tight control over personnel actions for mistakes and incidents prevention.

To fit CHB administration requirements, Axxon (former ITV) products have been chosen: Intellect integrated security system and POS-Intellect point-of-sale video control system. The latter has been tightly integrated with R-Keeper POS automation system to prevent loss and errors at sales points. Since its introduction, managers can efficiently monitor cashiers' operations to exclude cheating and to correct mistakes. 12 channel video server from Videoglas has been installed as well.

The employees of Central House of Businessmen (35MM) that are duty bound to access the system are all trained and tested. No difficulties occurred since both systems operation – Intellect and POS-Intellect - is quite easy to understand.