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TNB Group Headquarters, Axxon Enterprise-based Security System, Installer: UNIMAX


UNIMAX has finished a video surveillance system for TNB Group headquarters; the project is based upon Axxon (former ITV)'s Axxon Enterprise.

The client demanded several solutions from different vendors comparison from the system integrator. After 2 weeks of intensive tests a conclusion has been made that Axxon Enterprise has better archived video quality, and the GUI is more simple and attractive. As the result, this powerful product from Axxon (former ITV) has been chosen.

The video surveillance system has been built upon two VIDEOMAXi-16-8 servers from UNIMAX running under Axxon Enterprise software. The servers are incorporated into a 19 inch rack providing data to 3 remote workplaces (one of them capable of administering). The whole solution has 32 cameras in total covering inner premises and outer surroundings.

About the partner: UNIMAX company from its very start is an Axxon (former ITV) official partner providing solutions based on Axxon (former ITV) products exclusively to get the maximum out of software and hardware. UNIMAX offers a wide specter of services in security systems design and installation, commissioning and maintenance, warranty service of different kinds of systems – integrated, fire/alarm, video surveillance and ACS. The company produces VIDEOMAX digital video servers as well as a variety of solutions known under "intelligent building" and "smart home" categories.