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Bank of Siberia, Axxon Enterprise-based integrated security platform, installer: USTM Company


Bank of Siberia, Axxon Enterprise-based integrated security platform, installer: USTM Company

USTM Company – a local Axxon (former ITV) partner in Omsk – installed an Axxon Enterprise-based security system in Bank of Siberia, one of the biggest financial institutions in the city. This installation is a continuation of a project to build a distributed video surveillance network that connects all branches of the bank in Omsk region.

Established in 1989, Bank of Siberia successfully passed the times of crises gaining a reputation of a stable and reliable bank.

Understanding the need to provide enhanced security typical for banking industry as well as to build a scalable distributed system that would grow along with the business to cover branches and head office, the board decided to choose an Axxon Enterprise software-driven video surveillance system to address all needs and challenges.

USTM professionals were given a task to establish video control over rented service premises of the head office situated on 2nd, 4th and 5th floors as well as client operations control. No other video surveillance system was installed in the bank prior to Axxon Enterprise integrated security system.

USTM company specialists installed G6 system being the most relevant for the project; FS-16 capture boards were mounted across two main units. Three monitoring workplaces have been set, ten high resolution color dome cameras installed. 2 cameras in thermal cases have been used for outdoor surveillance.

The entire project developed by USTM offered video surveillance system integration with ACS into one distributed security system covering all branches of the bank. Remote monitoring has been provided from both bank executive and security manager.

12 color CCTV cameras have been integrated into the system to deliver 704 x 576 images at 25 fps. Archive storage is enough to keep footage over 20 days before erasure. 5 independent channels of audio control have been deployed as well.

The system assists the Bank in increasing its inner safety level providing assets protection, operations control and incidents prevention. Axxon Enterprise system users report a notably wide variety of its functional capabilities.