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Federal Tax Service Office in Kemerovo Region, Video7 System, installer: Kemservis


Kemservis company had installed a video surveillance system based on Video7 product from AxxonSoft in the building belonging to Federal Tax Service Branch of Kemerovo Region situated on Kuznetsky prospect, 70.

Video7 has been implemented to upgrade the existing video surveillance system. The new system has been physically built around one server working with 24 monochrome channels at 6 fps, motion triggered recording. 70 per cent of legacy cameras have been preserved. Older server, PSUs, connectors, racks and analog monitors were replaced. Operator's workplace has been set directly at the server for monitoring corridors and outside areas. Two separate analog monitors are used for permanent critical views display.

The customer expressed gratitude for the job done and indicated willingness to implement similar systems into the rest of regional Federal Tax Service sites. In the near future, Video7 will be deployed in the next building situated at Kuznetski prospect, 70a.