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KM-Service production area, SmartVideo II video surveillance system, Installer: Systemy Sviazi


Systemy Sviazi is the system integrator and equipment supplier in the whole territory of the South federal region. The company's specialists have finished installation of video surveillance system based on SmartVideo II solution by Axxon (former ITV) in KM-Service production buildings.

The security system installed in the area is based on SmartVideo II comprising 5 video channels each providing 8 fps frame rate. 5 GCB colour panoramic cameras were installed inside the service centre. Archive storage is enough to keep footage during 10 days before erasure. Installed system provides the opportunity of remote control over the production processes inside the buildings which was the main requirement by Alexander Popov, service centre's General Manager.

Alexander Popov has given his best evaluation to the potential and the quality of the installed system, its reliability and the simplicity of the system's operation. He sees a great value in the fact that SmartVideo has a passwords system.

The main objective of the video surveillance system, as identified by the customer, has been achieved supported by the positive changes in the organisation of the production process.