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Krestovski supermarket, Axxon Enterprise system, installer: SVS PROEKT


SVS PROEKT company installed an integrated POS control and video surveillance system in Krestovski supermarket. The installation has been based upon Intellect platform.

Krestovski supermarket is a two-storey building of 2,000 square meters in total. 12 POS terminals are placed at the exit, 3 – inside (elite hard liquors and fish), and one – outside (at the parking lot control center). A legacy analog CCTV system integrated with POS video control equipment has been present by the start of the installation.

The challenge was to build a state-of-the art 16 channel POS control system integrated with UniFO retail management software from IBS providing several remote workplaces for operators. Some legacy Panasonic WV-CP230 cameras have been utilized; newer additions were from Pelco and Infinity. Intellect and POS-Intellect software packages have been installed, and two remote operator's workplaces provided. The system runs on 2 hardware servers, connected to 16 cameras each working at 8 fps per channel.

It's always not easy to install security systems in operating retail stores. Sometimes the client asks for temporary pausing install operations due to some business related reasons. It took some time to provide proper integration of POS-Intellect and UniFO software – but as a result, everything was up and running. Client's employees reported both Intellect and POS-Intellect GUIs' ease of use giving highest marks to the idea of the system. Representatives of an installer company from Brazil were permitted to visit the site by request from Axxon (former ITV) – and their opinion was quite high as well.

About the partner: SVS PROEKT company is an industrial leader in security and loss prevention systems implementation. It provides development, design, supplies, installation maintenance and consulting services for analog and digital CCTV networks, POS control, facial and license plate recognition, ACS and fire/burglary alarm systems. A huge list of SVS customers include Mir Produktov, SPAR, Billa, GROSSMART, Mecado, Petrovski, Center-Service and MAKSSITI retail networks, some petrol stations networks and Krestovski, Ramenskoe, Okean and Arbuz standalone supermarkets. SVS PROEKT is an Axxon (former ITV) partner certified for Intellect, POS-Intellect and Video7 applications.