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Den I Noch Beauty Shop, SmartVideo I, installer: Sistemy Sviazi


Den I Noch Beauty Shop, SmartVideo I, installer: Sistemy Sviazi

Sistemy Sviazi has installed video surveillance system built around Axxon (former ITV)'s SmartVideo I solution in Den I Noch beauty shop in Bataisk, Rostov region.

The customer wanted to control service quality and clients behavior across all premises. Additional options had to be the following:

  • network video transmission with remote monitoring option;
  • high image quality;
  • reliability, operational stability, ease of use and competitive price;
  • over 10 days of archive storage time;
  • easy to use archive viewing tools.

Sistemy Sviazi recommended SmartVideo I from Axxon (former ITV) as an optimal solution providing 4 video channels 4 fps each. Four GCB ceiling mounted domes were offered to provide video images.

As a bonus, the customer got an option to control not only the client service quality but also POS operations at cashier's workplace. The system operation has been reported as very satisfactory accenting high image quality and reasonable price. The owner comments: "Each noble business man has to organize his business safety – and SmartVideo is an optimal system for the purpose ".

The shop owner and management already announced further system expansion plans towards SmartVideo Pro from Axxon (former ITV).