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Mechanoremontny Komplex Company, Video7 surveillance system, installer: Specialnoe Agentstvo Bezopasnosti


Mechanoremontny Komplex Company, Video7 surveillance system, installer: Specialnoe Agentstvo Bezopasnosti

Mechanoremontny Komplex (MRK) joint stock corporation being a subsidiary of Magnitogorsk ironworks (MMK) has a single production site with highly developed engineering infrastructure and closed technological chain where spare part and repair units are combined to provide permanent technical support and maintenance for mining and processing, metallurgical and rolling equipment of MMK.

In August 2006, Mechanoremontny Komplex administration signed an agreement with Specialnoe Agentstvo Bezopasnosti to start their collaboration. Soon several installation projects for major facilities have been prepared. A handful of successful installations followed all based on Axxon (former ITV)'s Video7 intelligent video surveillance platform for 24/7 industrial monitoring.

“Having very tight competition on the market we need to use the most advanced methods of industrial safety provision,” -- says Vitaly Bakhmetiev, CEO of MRK. - ”In the end, theft will be dramatically minimized since the video evidence helps to identify malefactors within few minutes. Better safe than sorry – this is a correct proverb for the case, and the security system should work to increase our productivity".

In MMK's machine tool shop, a 12 channel system has been installed while metallurgical equipment repair shop has been covered by 16 video channels. The system performs recording on permanent basis to capture details of production processes, and to keep an eye on unique equipment and base metals storage and treatment areas. Access rights were granted to plant dispatcher, heads of units and senior security officers for remote monitoring and control. The archive storage time is enough to keep all needed data for investigation purposes.

In the nearest future, MRK plans to deploy another integrated security system in its construction shop; preparation already had started.

About the Partner. Specialnoe Agentstvo Bezopasnosti (the Russian for "Special Security Agency") being the system installer for MRK is an official Axxon (former ITV) partner. Its growing business addresses the needs for high tech integrated security provision applying leading vendors technologies and hardware. The company specialists have more than 4 years of gaining experience in modern security and surveillance systems installation.