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Farmir Network Farmacy, Video7 system, installer: Service Group


Farmir Network Farmacy,  Video7 system, installer: Service Group

Service Group Company being a security systems integrator just finished a CCTV system installation in another pharmacy of Farmir network.

The system is based on AxxonSoft's Video7 product consisting of 6 channel video server (4 fps per channel) and 6 indoor domes including one color camera. The domes are located to cover the most sensitive spots of pharmacy's client area. Video recording is motion triggered, archive storage time exceeds one month. The customer has been provided not only with a security system but also with a tool of service quality and employees operations control.

About the Client. Farmir brand is established since 2001 for a pharmacy network of Pharmacy Enterprises Association.

About the Partner. Service Group company being an official AxxonSoft Partner is focused in integrated security systems design and installation. More than three years of active operation brought its team a valuable experience in wide range of areas – from private houses to commercial facilities and military sites. Over 50 of installations conducted by Service Group include AxxonSoft products.