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Elektronika Bank Local Branch in Irkutsk, Axxon Enterprise security system, installer: UNIMAX


UNIMAX Company has installed a security system in Electronica Bank branch office in Irkutsk. Fashionably decorated branch premises occupy about 1,200 square meters of office space in a business center.

The video surveillance system has been built around a VIDEOMAX server running Axxon Enterprise software from Axxon (former ITV). Such systems are capable of integrating numerous video servers into one centralized system for monitoring. Due to corporate security policy which suggests standardized decisions, security officers are capable of accessing live feeds from remote sites.

The video surveillance system installed allows full perimeter control and covers almost 100 percent of inner bank office premises focusing on client area and cash traffic. Dome cameras are used indoors placed in hemisphere cases for better matching the interior design. They provide video control of clients' behavior and personnel actions. Outdoor high resolution high sensitivity cameras in thermal cases are mounted on wall brackets to enable easier maintenance. Varifocal auto iris lenses allow local adjustment of camera view angles. The video server occupies a separate room while monitoring operator's workplace has been moved to guards' room. This should prevent the system of being tampered. Access control and intruder alarm systems are deployed on site as well.

About the Partner. UNIMAX company is a native official Axxon (former ITV) partner exclusively focused on Axxon (former ITV) products implementation to maximize software and hardware performance. UNIMAX provides wide range of services in the field of security systems – design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and warranty service of integrated, firefighting, alarm, video surveillance and access control systems. The company also produces its own VIDEOMAX branded hardware video servers and develops automated building management systems known under "Intelligent Building" and "Smart Home" names.