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Dogon cafe in St.Petersburg, Video7 system, installer: Alpha IS, Fantaon Group


Dogon cafe on Prosvescheniya prospect occupies over half thousand square meters. There are 3 halls, office and kitchen premises on site. 2 halls have tables installed, another hall is a bar. The maximum capacity is 50 clients at once.

The customer required the following:

  • video surveillance in all 3 halls;
  • entrance video control;
  • kitchen and auxiliary premises video monitoring;
  • outside surveillance near main entrance and back door;
  • one monitoring workplace having over 15 days of archive storage capacity.

To address the customer's needs he following hard- and software had been decided to apply:

  • Video7 software from Axxon (former ITV);
  • Video server (P-IV, 2.8 GHz, 2x DDR 512 RAM, 200 Gb HDD;
  • to reduce installtion costs and intruder alarm system integration with CCTV, ten IR detectors with integrated caneras had been deployed;
  • 2 high sensitivity cameras in thermal cases have been installed outdoors;
  • APC UPS of 650VA have been installed to protect the server from power failures.

Video7 digital video surveillance system performs the following functions:

  • cafe halls monitoring;
  • video archive recording and on demand viewing;
  • kitchen operations monitoring;
  • raw material warehouse and cloakroom monitoring;
  • main entrance, back door and service car parking video control.

Valentina Golovan, Dogon cafe director, claims the system operation impeccable. Commissioning and 2 months of test operation had proven the right choice of both hard- and software components of the solution implemented.