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Axxon Enterprise Helping Referees


By the end of August 2007, another Mill Special Design Bureau Cup helicopter sports open tournament was held in Moscow. Bars International company, an Axxon (former ITV) partner, enabled referee panel with a video surveillance kit to provide easier operation.

The challenge was to build a system to minimize human factor caused errors for referees while cutting down required referees on route number for safety.

The arena for this competition has been divided to two routes for one helicopter each. Routes were reconfigured for each stage of the tournament. There were 18 CCTV cameras installed all having video resolution of 540 TV lines and being connected to a video server running Axxon Enterprise software. Three monitors were used to display images in a cutting room/ and one bigger screen provided live monitoring for the audience. 6 remote workplaces have been set up, each intended for 2 referees. Video feeds were delivered at 25 fps while archive recording was held at 12 fps.

he valuable CCTV-and-sports experience proved that referee work becomes a lot easier when using camera feeds, minimizing human errors and the need to be present on route. Video archives appeared to be useful for helicopter crews as well. Despite the human referees presence has not been completely eliminated yet, future system versions would probably enable such a possibility.