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Elsys Access Control System Integrated into Axxon Intellect Enterprise


The Elsys access control system from the FORS Scientific Research Center has been integrated into the Axxon Intellect Enterprise software package. The list of supported equipment includes Elsys-MB controllers (the Pro4, Pro, Standard, Light and SM models), the Elsys-MB-Net network communication controller and the IO-MB management module.

The Elsys ACS is designed to automatically control access and manage actuating mechanisms (automatic gates, traffic control barriers, elevators, turnstiles, locks, etc.) in accordance with set permissions and schedules.

The combination of several technical solutions gives the system non-standard and even unique capabilities, including:

  • the high productivity and large memory volume of the Elsys-MB controllers, which can serve a large number of users (up to 65,000) and operate for long periods (up to several days) in automatic mode without loss of information about events;
  • the system’s high fault tolerance, made possible by its single-level architecture;
  • hardware implementation of the antipassback function;
  • uniquely flexible management of time schedules and user permissions;
  • extraordinarily broad capabilities for programming the operation logic of the Elsys-MB controllers without developer participation;
  • built-in security functions.

The Elsys ACS is one of the most powerful ACSs on the market; the first models of its equipment were developed over 10 years ago. Since then a great deal of experience in its use has been accumulated. Currently there are several thousand sites equipped with an Elsys ACS, from small offices to large factories with over 80,000 employees.

About the FORS Scientific Research Center

FORS Scientific Research Center, Ltd develops and manufactures security tools and systems.

FORS’s development department was created in 1996; it includes a software development division, a radioelectronics development and manufacturing division, and a technical support division which provides support for system installation.

The products of FORS’s development department have already become out-of-the-box solutions and are successfully installed by installation companies throughout Russia and nearby countries.