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Axxon and Intel at InfoCom – 2007 International Forum


Axxon and Intel at InfoCom – 2007 International Forum

Having been supported by Intel corporation, Axxon (former ITV) company took part at the VII International exhibition and forum Russian Infocommunications – XXI Century (InfoCom 2007) held from October 24 through 27 at IEC Crocus Expo in Moscow with the support of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Russian Federation. Innovative technologies and solutions from Axxon have been exposed at the booth of Russian Ministry of Information Technologies and Communication (section name: "Home Technologies and Utility").

Among the booth visitors there were V. Zubkov, Prime Minister of RF, L. Reiman, Minister for Information Technologies, S. Shoigu, Minister for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Relief, numerous representatives of Russian and world top IT businesses.

At the booth, Axxon company showcased Face-Intellect automatic facial capture and recognition system and Intellect platform integration with a city map.

Face-Intellect system consisting of Intellect core and two modules for facial capture and recognition is capable of answering numerous security challenges requiring personal identification and analysis. A typical application example for Face-Intellect is its integration with utility service ACS. A great advantage of this interoperation is its ability to strengthen security and control measures.

Integrating Intellect with the city map is very important for future applications, too. An easy to use map based GUI displays surveyed sites in real time to decrease monitoring operators' workload while increasing overall security system efficiency.

For its solutions presented at the exhibition Axxon company has been awarded with For Contributions In Public Security and Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems Development diploma issued by InfoCom.

Social importance of Axxon 's technologies and innovations is already proven – including its contribution into bringing utility services up to date: SafeCity program works now in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Donetsk (Ukraine), and other cities in Russia and CIS countries. Such forums as InfoCom-2007 continuously prove Axxon's status of a leader on integrated security systems market.