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Axxon Intellect Enterprise installed at Rosmorport facilities by Vizzara


The federal unitary enterprise Rosmorport manages federal property at sea ports in the Russian Federation, controls an enormous portfolio of assets, and owns a multitude of facilities, buildings, and structures. Its St. Petersburg branch operates in the Northwest Region of Russia and covers federal facilities located at sea ports in St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga, Vyborg, Vysotsk, and Kaliningrad.

To protect property, reduce risk of loss, monitor security within facilities and on port territory, and provide access control for its customers, the St. Petersburg branch of Rosmorport requires a branched network of video surveillance for remote facilities located significant distances away from each other.

As the contractor for this task, Vizzara, together with its partner Baryer, is designing an integrated video surveillance system for with a scale-up capability, delivering and installing video surveillance equipment, cable networks (including fiber-optic), computer hardware and software.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise installed at Rosmorport facilities by VizzaraDuring the first implementation stage, the company delivered and installed video surveillance equipment in the central office of Rosmorport's St. Petersburg branch on Gapsalskaya Street. There they installed 32 Infinity cameras for indoor and outdoor surveillance, 2 ViServer video servers for video signal processing, and a 32-terabyte ViStorage data storage system for recording video in real-time. The security system is based on a server running the Axxon Intellect Enterprise software package. A license plate recognition module is utilized to keep track of vehicle movements. The security control room is equipped with a video wall composed of six widescreen monitors linked to a remote workstation.

Specialists are currently working to expand Rosmorport’s video surveillance network. A data transfer network is being installed for port facilities in sector 2 of the Bolshoi Seaport in St. Petersburg. This includes installation of 32 Smartec all-weather, outdoor surveillance cameras, a ViServer video server (produced by Vizzara with an Intel Xeon™ multi-processor system), and Axxon Intellect Enterprise software, including a remote workstation for the operator post. Cable networks are being installed to ensure signal transmission and power feed to the cameras.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise installed at Rosmorport facilities by VizzaraThe distinguishing feature of this system is its multi-level structure for video archive storage and backup. Vizzara specialists created a data processing center in the central office of Rosmorport's St. Petersburg branch so that the customer's entire video surveillance system could be controlled from one location. The data center accumulates video archives from geographically distributed video servers over fiber-optic channels. Using the Active Archive module in the Axxon Intellect system, the unified video archive is processed by a powerful ViServer server and is archived in a ViStorage data storage system with a total capacity of 64 terabytes. These high-capacity archives are managed using Open-E software. Images from any remote facility can be controlled from a single monitoring center in real-time or in archive viewing mode. Video can be stored in the archive for up to 180 days.

About the partner. Vizzara provides the entire range of solutions for communications and alarm installations. Formed in July of 2009, Vizzara is a young and expanding company providing services for the design and delivery of specialized equipment and materials, installation and start-up operations, and warranty and after-warranty technical support of systems and service lines.

Vizzara’s customers include FGUP ZaschitaInfoTrans, which is a federal unitary enterprise within the Federal Railway Transport Agency, OAO Svetogorsk, OOO Lukoil-Severo-Zapadnefteprodukt, the Chelyabinsk City Administration, OOO Stroitelnaya Kompaniya Astek, OOO Baltiyskaya Bunkernaya Kompaniya, GUP Vodokanal St. Petersburg, ZAO Telros, OOO Astrakhangazprom, OOO Agentstvo Lukom-A, the International Research Institute for Combat Veteran Rehabilitation, the Bonch-Bruevich State University of Telecommunications at St. Petersburg, ZAO Valverton SPb, OOO Neviss-Kompleks, and OOO Upravleniye Setevymi Kompleksami.