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Bielokamenka petroleum carrying/storage vessel, Intellect integrated security system, installer: Universal High-Tech Center Company


Bielokamenka petroleum carrying/storage vessel, Intellect integrated security system, installer: Universal High-Tech Center Company

Universal High-Tech Center company had finished another installation of a video surveillance system based on Intellect security platform - this time on board of Bielokamenka petrol carrier anchored at an outer road of Murmansk sea port in Kolski bay.

Vladimir Shchukin, CTO for Universal High-Tech Center, reports: "It all started at SEVTEK trade show; Rosneft company representative came to our booth and showed his interest in Intellect platform. As a result, we've got a contract for equipping Bielokamenka petroleum vessel with a CCTV system".

The customer put a series of tasks for Universal High-Tech Center team. Cameras had to be capable of providing technological surveillance over both oil filling and dispensing processes. Another important need is video logging of all mooring operations with 3 radio channels synchro audio recording. All deck crew actions must be video controlled for operational correctness, technical safety rules compliance and environmental safety. Adjacent outboard areas and chain cables had to be under 24/7 video monitoring.

The customer insisted on applying HP video server. The rest of the system included a speed PTZ camera, two high quality cameras from Axis, and several high sensitivity day/night cameras from JVC. All fixed cameras had been equipped with higher aperture lenses to provide clear imaging in polar night conditions.

It takes a lot of both professional expertise and fire safety measures to deploy a CCTV system on board of a petrol ship. All cabling was done by Mars company highly specialized on electric works - a long time partner of Universal High-Tech Center since the times of a joint contract with Vega fishing company when several fishing vessels were equipped with CCTV systems.

The ship itself appeared to be very long, and no cameras and wiring were permitted to deploy at cargo deck - and the installer decided to apply long-focus lenses. "The installation of CCTV cameras themselves was not easy, too, - recalls Shchukin, - our crew members never worked so high above the ground before".

While planning installation details, it was discovered that HP video server offered by the customer.

is incapable of working with soundcards - thus the digitized sound had to be monitored and adjusted on each workplace separately. It brought certain inconveniences into audio subsystem debugging. "During configuration of the audio part of the system, ITV tech support helped us a lot - in particular, Lolita Gnilitskaya", - accents Vladimir Shchukin.

The suticture of the system is like this: camera feeds are delivered to HP video server where signals are processed and stored, and a remote workplace PC is used for live video monitoring and archive footage viewing.

Captain Vladimir Belov noted advantages of the new system making mooring operations more easy and controllable. The customer company board highly evaluated very flexible software solution, ease of screen layout configuring for each side of the vessel. A great advantage, by customer's opinion, is that the system needs no special training for its operators. The Navigators desk was amazed by very smart and intuitive user interface of Intellect software.

Bielokamenka petroleum carrying/storage vessel owned by Rosneft is anchored in Kolski Bay since 2004. This is one of the biggest ships in the world in its class: its deadweight is 360,000 tons, dimensions are 340x65x35 meters (LxWxH). The base for vessel's location, near Bielokamenka settlement, is just at the opposite bay side from Severomorsk, the main base for Northern Fleet. Total petrol traffic over Bielokamenka is now about 4 mln tons per year. Shuttle tank ships deliver petroleum from Arkhangelsk where it comes via pipelines and by rail transport from Siberian production sites.

About the Partner: Universal High-Tech Center is an experienced security installer company. Its service record includes successful installations for Murmansk sea port, Arktika hotel, Murmansk Airport, Statoil Nefto gas stations chain, multiple retail, sports and leisure sites, scientific institutions, fish catching and processing plants.