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SeverNeft gas station, Intellect integrated security platform, Axxon POS point of sale video control system; installer: Universal High-Tech Center Company


SeverNeft gas station, Intellect integrated security platform, Axxon POS point of sale video control system; installer: Universal High-Tech Center Company

Universal High-Tech company, an official Axxon partner in Murmansk, commissioned an installation of an Intellect based video surveillance system for a SeverNeft gas station.

SeverNeft is the first gas station in Murmansk owned by Severnoye company. Being located aside of the ring road, far away from residential communities, it had to be under 24/7 video control. This was an original intention of the customer since the early planning of the site.

While choosing the right contractor for video control solution implementation, Severnoye company management examined Universal HTC's service record where ten major gas stations in Murmansk region are listed. Having got into six solutions for Statoil gas stations and Axxon POS system implementation fir Zarya supermarket, the customer had chosen Intellect integrated security platform for the site mentioned.

Since the very start of system development, Universal HTC professionals used the experience gained in conducting similar projects. Client's security officers' offered some valuable details for the entire solution to establish successful system operation.

The video surveillance system had been designed to control entry/exit driveways by registering make/model, color and license plate of each vehicle entering the fueling area; six dispenser columns; guest parking and service box entrance area; service personnel and car wash operations; fuel dumping area; mini-market retail area, warehouses and service rooms. Video control had to be performed from both facility manager's and security officer's workplaces, and cashiers should have an option to monitor fueling process from their points of sale. POS areas, in their turn, had to be video controlled for proper cashiers' operation.

The initial system configuration consisted of a 32 channel video server, 2 cashier's workplaces, one remote workplace for facility manager and another - for security officer.

Vladimir Shchukin, the project manager, recommended JVC cameras to be installed outdoors for maximum image quality in both daylight and night conditions.

In process of system deployment, it was decided to organize one more remote workplace in the company head office located in the city center - to get an option of remote video control over gas station operation.

There were further on-the-go changes to the original project - due to relocation of some articles in retail area, several CCTV cameras were repositioned, too. Several additional cameras were installed indoors, and one outdoor camera had been added for external containers control after commissioning. Since the customer wanted to expand the system to 34 CCTV cameras, a video server had been installed instead of ordinary security manager's remote workplace. At present moment, the software used at all three POS nodes is being modified for Axxon POS retail control system integration.

Both management and security officers of the customer company enjoyed state of the art Intellect software for its flexibility and expandability that make system operation very convenient, fast and efficient. A smart intuitive GUI was appreciated by system operators already having some experience with other similar products.

Severnoye company board gives high marks to the video surveillance system just installed, and highly evaluates both creativity and quality of the work been done. Customer revealed some plans to continue collaboration with Universal High-Tech Center company.

About the Partner: Universal High-Tech Center is an experienced security installer company. Its service record includes numerous successful installations for Murmansk sea port, Arktika hotel, Murmansk Airport, Statoil Nefto gas stations chain, multiple retail, sports and leisure sites, scientific institutions, fish catching and processing plants.