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AxxonSoft invites everyone to All-over-IP 2011


AxxonSoft invites everyone to All-over-IP 2011

AxxonSoft invites everyone to visit the company’s exhibition stand and events at the All-over-IP forum to be held at the Sokolniki center in Moscow on November 23 and 24. Up to 2,500 specialists and company managers are expected to attend the forum this year.

AxxonSoft will showcase its products and technology at the booth 1-1. The main highlights will include Forensic Search, the smart video archive analysis tool, and TimeCompressor. Forensic Search is already featured in Axxon Intellect Enterprise and Axxon Smart PRO systems. The TimeCompressor technology has entered the final development stage. It enables to watch all archived video sequences for a set period of time without using fast forward playback.

A separate screen will be demonstrating the innovation of the Axxon Smart PRO, an AxxonSoft’s new generation video surveillance solution released about a year ago. The demonstration will feature the Axxon Intellect Enterprise suit, the series’ flagship product integrated with a variety of IP cameras by various manufacturers, and vertical solutions based on it. These solutions include the new module to search for similar faces; Auto Intellect, an Intellect-based suit for the traffic police; POS Intellect, a retail security solution with a new web reporting subsystem; and a remote object tracking system employing low-speed communication channels. In addition, Guardliner thermal imagers as well as Bosch and MagicBox IP servers will be put on display integrated with Intellect that supports the devises’ built-in one-of-a-kind video analytics capability.

The IPDROM exposition will include various IP devices integrated with the Axxon Intellect suit and a wide range of video surveillance and security equipment provided by IPDROM.

Events to be hosted or attended by AxxonSoft promise to be particularly interesting. At 15:00, November 24, the company’s President Murat Altuev will deliver his key presentation entitled "Business-Transforming Technology" (room 5). He will focus on such issues as how much longer IP cameras will stay around for, what is to be expected from cloud technology, when video analytics will start functioning at their fullest and who will remain in business tomorrow.

At 12:00, November 23, from the event’s main stage AxxonSoft president will moderate a news conference entitled "International Expansion. What does a Russian company need to become a global market leader? Russian experience and origin – facilitation or a road block?" The event tailored for a wide audience will focus on a variety of themes such as exploring the chances of becoming a global leader, the pros and cons of Russian origin, Russian products’ compliance with international standards, promoting in Russia and abroad etc.

At the Intelligent Video 2.0 conference AxxonSoft Corporate Sales Director, Andrey Khristoforov, and representative of the Russian Railways New Technology Implementation Center, Andrey Urakhchinsky, will tell about the differences between camera- and server-based video analytics as well as what customers prefer and why. The presentation will start November 23 at 14:00, room 5.

On November 24 at 11:00, room 5, Murat Altuev will give a presentation about the company’s innovative approach to video archive search as well as TimeCompressor and Forensic Search technologies.

AxxonSoft program also includes presentations entitled "AxxonSmart IP – New Capability" (by Product Development and Marketing Director, Andrey Kireyev), "Axxon Intellect Enterprise 4.8.2 Integrated Stratified Structure Security Platform" (by Corporate Sales Director, Andrey Khristoforov), "IP Drivers Pack – Support for IP Devices in AxxonSoft Solutions, "Up to 60 New Devices Integrated Monthly" (by IP Integration Development Manager, Natalia Romanyuk), and "Software Monitoring of a Stratified Security System" (by AxxonSoft St. Petersburg Branch Director, Yakov Volkind). Some presentations will be delivered at separate stand 5-2. You can find the full list of the company’s events here.

If you wish to use system to register for the All-over-IP forum, please click here.
Please find the location map here.
AxxonSoft and IPDROM booth – 1-1.
Separate booth for presentations – 5-2.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Sokolniki on November 23 and 24!