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Business Computer Company installs video surveillance system at Uralvagonzavod


Business Computer Company installs video surveillance system at Uralvagonzavod

Uralvagonzavod (or UVZ) is the flagship of a corporation integrating more than 20 industrial enterprises, research institutes and design bureaus in Russia and Europe. The company has been the leader of Russia’s railway cargo machine engineering for many years. UVZ, a strategic enterprise with a perimeter of 21km, is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the machine engineering enterprise with the world’s largest area.

Up until 2008 the enterprise used local security solutions. Some facilities employed video cassette recorders and archive operators watched video sequences post factum. At the same time, the system required continuous real time video cameras monitoring which significantly decreased the system’s reliability due to operator’s fatigue and loss of concentration.

In 2008 the company decided to set up an Enterprise Security Control Center. Business Computer Company devised an integrated video surveillance system project that was approved by the customer and accepted for execution. The project entailed installation of video surveillance at traffic and personnel entry checkpoints, bulky goods loading facility, warehouses, and shops as well as along the enterprise perimeter. In addition, a panoramic video surveillance system was to be set up. The overall system was to be based on the existing analog cameras and include new analog and IP cameras employing Axis IP video servers for video stream digitizing.

AxxonSoft’s Axxon Intellect Enterprise suite was chosen the platform for the video surveillance system, given the positive experience of the solution’s application at major and strategic entities. In addition, Intellect is a modular suite which allows for expanding the system’s capability along with the project implementation. The system also employs IBM servers and data storage and Cisco network equipment. The control center’s video wall features twelve 32’ LCD screens by Pelco.

The system currently employs around 50 cameras. Plans include establishing several new peripheral hubs equipped with data storage, integrated in the overall system, to be managed and controlled centrally. They will later be connected to the existing local systems based on Mitsubishi video recorders. As a result, the system will have almost 400 video channels and they will all be viewed, managed and archived from the Enterprise Security Control Center.

About the partner. The Business Computer Company boasts more than 15-year experience in the market and specializes in the design and establishment of structured cabling, video surveillance, and access management system as well as in the supply of equipment and system elements.