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Unimax installs Intellect-based video surveillance system at hunting ground


Unimax installs Intellect-based video surveillance system at hunting ground

Facility specification

The hunting ground with an area of over 100 hectares is located at the junction of the Vladimir, Moscow and Yaroslavl regions. The hunting ground offers exceptional comfort and everything needed for a good hunt.

In line with the recent trend of using video cameras to monitor forests and prevent wildfires, the customer chose to have video surveillance posts and local monitoring stations installed across the property. In addition to fire supervision, the video surveillance system was also meant to oversee buildings and facility perimeters located in the vicinity of installed posts.

Project implementation

Unimax installs Intellect-based video surveillance system at hunting groundThe customer installed two 27-meter high posts in the hunting ground. Each post has an equipment installation platform at the height of 23 meters.

Unimax faced a series of organizational and engineering challenges in the project. The most interesting and demanding of them were:

  • ensuring signal transmission over a distance of more than 1,500 meters
  • ensuring a high resolution picture
  • ensuring appropriate temperature conditions for the facility switcher mounted on the post platforms
  • protecting the equipment from lightning strikes
  • protecting the posts from unauthorized access.

Remote monitoring

Given the distance of 1,500 meters between the posts and the monitoring station, decision was taken to use fiber optic cables which brought about two additional advantages:

  • being immune to powerline pickup, the fiber optic cable was laid next to the power cable thus saving earthwork costs
  • galvanic isolation helped rule out equipment failure due to accidental voltage surge, even if a lightning directly hits the post.

Hyperline armored single-mode cable was chosen for the project. It can be laid into ground without any special fixtures which helps to significantly reduce costs.

High resolution IP video surveillance

Unimax installs Intellect-based video surveillance system at hunting groundUnimax objectives included the monitoring of a 6 to 8 meters area around the posts. Stationary analog cameras are incapable of ensuring a high level of detail with such  vision angle and distance range. Therefore, it was decided  to use highly sensitive high resolution IP cameras. Analysis revealed that Axis megapixel cameras offer the optimal combination of price, quality, resolution, and sensitivity.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise software was selected as the system platform. It is a reliable and time-tested solution offering a rich functionality of working with IP cameras, including PTZ cameras.

To monitor the wide area, professional Axis Q6034-E PTZ camera was chosen based on the following parameters:

  • high sensitivity and day/night mode
  • 18x zoom and 220° tilt
  • High PoE connection via a single sealed connector cable.

Unimax installs Intellect-based video surveillance system at hunting groundGiven that the main objective of the video cameras is to monitor fire situation in the forest, a PTZ camera with a 24/7 patrol capability is the tool of choice. If necessary, the monitoring service can stop the patrolling and point the camera at the required object. The cameras can be operated either by computer mouse via the Intellect software interface or via the Axis T8311 control board. Using presets, the operator can change the camera’s position and point it at another object in a fraction of a second.

To monitor the vision area obstructed by the post, an additional Axis P3344-E fixed megapixel camera with the day/night mode was installed. To make sure the cameras are fully functional in severe weather conditions, Arctic Temperature Control function is used, allowing the cameras to operate and start with air temperatures down to -40° which is crucial for outdoor use.

Switchboard cabinet

Unimax installs Intellect-based video surveillance system at hunting groundTo ensure the connection between the cameras and the monitoring station, the switchboard equipment was to be mounted directly at the camera installation site. Given that the switchboard equipment can be no farther than 100 meters from the cameras and that there are no heated premises in the camera’s vicinity, the equipment had to be used at below-zero temperatures and in severe weather conditions. Moreover, the switchboard cabinet had to be protected against unauthorized access and be under surveillance. Hence, it was decided to mount the switchboard cabinet on to the camera installation platform and provide it with necessary climatic equipment.

The cabinet includes:

  • ODF
  • switcher
  • High PoE power injector
  • heater
  • fan
  • thermostats and a hygrostat.

The thermostats, hygrostat, heater, and fan will be maintaining the appropriate temperature and humidity inside the cabinet in any weather.

High-quality equipment by world leading manufacturers, such as ABB, Legrand, and Pfannenberg, is another guarantee that the solution will be fail-safe and reliable. At the same time, the equipment requires regular maintenance and inspection. The company therefore intends to equip future thermally-protected cabinets like this one with remote monitoring and temperature management systems.

Lightning protection

Unimax installs Intellect-based video surveillance system at hunting groundThe equipment was mounted on a metal post and therefore needed to be protected against lightning strikes. All Axis outdoor cameras are manufactured with the camera insulated from the casing. Nevertheless, additional protective measures were taken. To isolate the equipment from the metal support structures, Unimax designed special brackets and mounting solutions which included 5kV isolation pads. The switchboard cabinet was also mounted using the isolation pads.

Unauthorized access protection

Unimax installs Intellect-based video surveillance system at hunting groundThe posts are located inside the hunting ground’s sealed-off area but there remains a possibility that someone can trespass the ground’s territory and try to access the video surveillance post. To monitor the situation, a vicinity overview was added to the cameras’ presets. Every minute the camera overlooks the 15-20 meters area around the post.

To monitor the area around the posts at night, two high-power Axis T90A40 IR-LED infra-red illuminators with adjustable angle of between 120° and 180° were installed. The optimal illumination range identified was 60 meters around the posts with the illuminators mounted at the height of 10 meters.

About Unimax. Unimax has gained rich experience in the installation of retail video surveillance systems, including in duty free shops. The company is ITV | AxxonSoft Golden Partner and has a long experience in the establishing surveillance systems based on ITV | AxxonSoft solutions. Offering a proprietary VIDEOMAX video servers and own customer and partner support service, and with a large number of successful installations, Unimax can rightfully claim it can offer its customers the best services in implementing ITV | AxxonSoft products-based solutions.

Unimax is Axis Communications Silver Partner and as such can guarantee the best work quality and maximized use of Axis surveillance systems’ capabilities.

Unimax is a certified structured cabling systems installation company and guarantees top quality project execution.