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Unimax installs Axxon Intellect Enterprise IP surveillance system in Green Grove village


Green Grove is a villa community located 33 kilometers west of Moscow, along the Moscow-Minsk highway. The village offers all necessary public utilities, including central gas, electricity and water supply, sewage, phone and Internet connection, and a well established paved roads system. A guarded checkpoint is installed at the entry to the village. Other facilities located on the site include administration and utilities maintenance service.

In 2008 the community commissioned the entry video surveillance and supervision system including analog Panasonic cameras and VIDEOMAX-IQ7 video servers with the Video IQ7 software installed. Active infrastructure development has recently begun in the village, such as construction of shopping and entertainment centers alongside children playgrounds and other facilities A video surveillance system is one of the necessary security measures. Children’s recreation and entertainment areas were identified as crucial sites in terms of surveillance and supervision.

Modernization of the existing system envisaged its development and extension employing cutting-edge technology and equipment. Given the village’s well established communication network based on optic channels, it was decided to use IP surveillance technology. The need for high resolution video surveillance of children playgrounds was the crucial factor.

A new children playground was the first facility covered by the modernized surveillance system. Three Axis P1343-E cameras monitor the entire playground and adjacent areas. The cameras are tailored for outdoor use at temperatures between -40°C and 50°C.

There is an established belief that IP video cameras aren’t sensitive enough for night conditions. It was indeed the case at early stages of IP devices development but state-of-the-art technology has brought about a leap forward in IP cameras’ sensitivity. A case in point is Axis equipment that successfully works in difficult conditions, including at nighttime.

The new integrated system is based on the modernized existing VIDEOMAX-IQ7-12c-8 video server that was upgraded from Video IQ7 to Axxon Intellect Enterprise software. The cost of the previously installed Video IQ7 software was set off from the modernization price thus making it more affordable. An additional VIDEOMAX-IP-Int video server was installed to process the data from the newly installed IP video cameras. The Intellect software allows combining in one system an unlimited number of video servers. Therefore, future development of the system will simply be by adding new elements, such as IP cameras and video servers as well as monitoring stations.

The modernization first stage included the installation of 5 Axis P1343-E cameras at crucial areas. Further on, over 20 cameras will be installed in addition to the existing 8 analog cameras. An IP-based video surveillance system is far easier developed and modernized than one based on analog cameras.

The installation was carried out by the 3R Telecom company in close cooperation with and under supervision of Unimax specialists. 3R Telecom provides telephone, Internet access, and cable television services in the Green Grove village using its own fiber optic networks which fully cover the village.

During the test run of the updated system, the client pointed out the advantages of the forensic video archive search function which allows to quickly find the required archived video sequences.

About Unimax: Unimax boasts a rich experience in installation of retail video surveillance systems, including in duty free shops. The company is ITV | AxxonSoft Golden Partner and has a long experience in establishing surveillance systems based on ITV | AxxonSoft solutions. Offering proprietary VIDEOMAX video servers and its own customer and partner support service, and with a large number of successful installations, Unimax can rightfully claim it can offer its customers the best services in implementing ITV | AxxonSoft products-based solutions.

Unimax is Axis Communications Silver Partner and as such can guarantee the best work quality and maximized use of Axis surveillance systems’ capabilities.

Unimax is a certified structured cabling systems installation company and guarantees top quality project execution.

Unimax installs Intellect IP surveillance system in Green Grove village Unimax installs Intellect IP surveillance system in Green Grove village Unimax installs Intellect IP surveillance system in Green Grove village