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Unimax installs surveillance and access control system at Koshkin Automatic Lines Design Bureau


The Koshkin Automatic Lines Design Bureau specializes in the design of firearms shells as well as advanced technology and special equipment for their production and disposal. In addition, the enterprise designs automatic equipment for the general industry and helps foreign countries set up firearms shells production lines as part of military technical cooperation.

Video surveillance and vehicle license plate number recognition

The main objective of the system installation project is to control the facility perimeter and automate the vehicle entry checkpoint by using automatic license plate number recognition for all vehicles entering the facility and exiting from it.

Vehicle entry control is automated using the license plate number recognition module of the Axxon Intellect Enterprise software suite. The recognition results are used for granting or denying the entry in automatic or manual mode. The results are also archived and can later be used to analyze vehicle traffic. The Koshkin Design Bureau intends to use the software module to invoice premises tenants for vehicle entry. Combined with the access control system based on the Rubezh-08 equipment by Sigma IS, the client thus has a fully automatic vehicle entry control system.

The enterprise’s vast area and extensive distances between its individual facilities were the biggest challenges of the project. Unimax specialists came up with the optimal solution employing state-of-the-art information technology. The solution is based on Axxon Intellect suite’s ability to work with both analog and IP devices. Axis video encoders were installed at two most remote facilities. These encode the signal from analog cameras and transmit it via LAN to a VIDEOMAX video server with the Axxon Intellect Enterprise software onboard.

The LAN to remote facilities was built using optical fiber cables which help connect facilities several tens of kilometers away and ensure distortion-free signal transmission. Hardened Etherwan switches were used to connect the remote facilities which can operate at below-zero temperatures and were thus the equipment of choice for the project. Panduit optical fiber components with the OptiCam technology helped quickly lay the cables and saved the costly fusion splicing operations. The client used the cables’ vacant optical fibers to set up a network and provide broadband services to premises tenants.

In all, 32 Panasonic high-resolution and high-sensitivity cameras with varifocal lenses were installed at the enterprise. The camera’s view angle can be adjusted during installation and operation. To provide license plate number recognition, state-of-the-art Panasonic analog cameras were installed which offer unique working parameters and can be operated in severe environment. The system as a whole is based on a highly reliable VIDEOMAX video server stationed in the server room and connected to several automated security service workstations, including the central security station, vehicle entry checkpoint PC, entrance checkpoint PC, security service head PC, etc.

The video cameras connect to the server via a VIDEOMAX UZV-01 lighting-protected switch panel which ensures no harm both to the server and expensive cameras.

Automatic access control

Employees and visitors access control is crucial for the security of strategic facilities. Given the variety of threats, security of most successful entities is a vital priority. The Koshkin Automatic Lines Design Bureau is most certainly among such entities and its management therefore pays special attention to security.

The enterprise’s access control system includes the Rubezh-08 station equipment by the Sigma IS company and PERCo-RTD-15 full height rotor turnstiles. Rubezh-08 equipment has proven its reliability at a number of security and top security facilities, including those of the Ministry of Defense, Federal Penitentiary Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Interior and others. The full height turnstiles ensure maximum protection against unauthorized access.

The implemented system:

  • prevents unauthorized entry
  • automatically registers everyone entering the checkpoint
  • automatically collects visitor passes
  • provides full data and reports for any specific period of time and any criteria
  • rules out fraud and use of other people’s passes
  • registers permanent/ temporary/ one-time visits
  • automatically registers work time and feeds the data into 1C for salary calculation.

About Unimax. Unimax boasts a rich experience in installation of retail video surveillance systems, including in duty free shops. The company is AxxonSoft Golden Partner and has a long experience in establishing surveillance systems based on AxxonSoft solutions. Offering proprietary VIDEOMAX video servers and its own customer and partner support service, and with a large number of successful installations, Unimax can rightfully claim it offers its customers the best services in implementing AxxonSoft products-based solutions.

Unimax is Axis Communications Silver Partner and as such can guarantee the best work quality and maximized use of Axis surveillance systems’ capabilities.

Unimax is a certified structured cabling systems installation company and guarantees top quality project execution.