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Inteko Stroy installs Axxon Smart PRO video management software at Magnat RD headquarters


Inteko Stroy installs Axxon Smart PRO video management software at Magnat RD headquartersMagnat RD is a dynamically developing company that has worked in the refined oil products market since 1994. The company specializes in wholesaling and retailing oil products through its own gas station chain as well as refinery products delivery via a variety of transport means.

The company manages two oil depots, 33 gas stations in Krasnoyarsk and the Krasnoyarsk region, 22 large tank trucks, a unique diesel fuel treatment unit using the Dito Research and Production Company technology, and a GOST R-certified test lab.

Magnat RD headquarters is located in Krasnoyarsk. The office used to employ an analog video surveillance system including quad splitters, video recorders, and 10 black-and-white cameras. The system was out of date, failing to meet the specified requirements.

Inteko Stroy’s objective was to build a video surveillance system to cover the HQ premises and the area around the building. The system was to track customers’ and employees’ movements inside the building and supervise the parking lot and adjacent areas. For these purposes, a video surveillance system was set up based on the next generation Axxon Smart PRO video management software by AxxonSoft comprising one server and four workstations. In all, 8 ACTi 4201 IP cameras were installed indoors and 6 ACTi 5601 cameras with day/night mode were mounted outdoors. New network channels were laid to transmit video signal and provide power supply for the cameras. All cameras are PoE-enabled.

The Axxon Smart PRO was chosen for easy setup and use as well as its intuitive user-friendly interface. AxxonSoft’s high quality technical support was another significant factor in the choice.

Magnat RD is growing fast meaning that the number of employees and visitors, such as customers and counterparties, is on the rise. The new system has made tracking the situation much easier optimizing the efforts of the security service.

Inteko Stroy delivered the quality work on time. Arising issues regarding equipment selection and location were being resolved online. In addition, the company provided training to our staff. The system is being regularly maintained and extra maintenance is promptly organized as required. While in operation, the system has proved stable, easy-to-use, and efficient. We intend to expand it further by adding new cameras and workstations,

said Magnat RD Economic Security Director Leonid Vishkaryov.

About the partner. Inteko Stroy specializes in installing security and fire alarms, video surveillance, access control and production automation systems.