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The Naryshkin Job


On March 27, 2012, St. Petersburg was witness to a riveting event: a treasure trove was uncovered! Just how the treasures were found at the Naryshkin Mansion at 29 Chaikovsky St. was a bit murky: persons unknown had attempted to remove the treasures piecemeal, in bags filled with construction debris. Thievery was clearly afoot. But the wrongdoers were thwarted and the valuables were quickly put under careful watch.

Historical Significance

Found in a hidden compartment, the treasures in the Naryshkin Mansion formed the largest haul ever found in St. Petersburg. Over 2,000 items included Fabergй and Keibel jewelry, orders and medals, and silverware – even silver sets with the Naryshkin family crest. The valuables had been carefully packed in newspapers and vinegar-soaked cloths, which kept them in perfect condition.

While no final appraisal of their value has been made public, one thing was clear: the find is one of a kind, with enormous significance for the city’s historical heritage.

The Task

The unsuccessful theft attempt spurred implementation of immediate, round-the-clock security. Strict monitoring was crucial during transfer to Constantine Palace and subsequent storage. Nobody could be overlooked – not even employees.

The Solution

VIT-Center’s partner, Center-Inform, now had an urgent task: to install a reliable, scalable video surveillance system. VIT-Center supplied and helped to deploy a VMS based on the Axxon Intellect platform, with use of Prof IT VS servers and IP cameras from Axis and Sanyo. The system was up and running in just 24 hours from the official go-ahead!

The treasure trove was put under camera surveillance, with tracking of all movements of the priceless objects during unpacking, inventory, and placement at Constantine Palace. The objects are under temporary storage at the palace until their legal status is determined. Each item is tracked non-stop, with all footage stored for later review. If necessary, new hardware can be “hot-installed,” increasing the video system's capabilities without any gaps in protection time.


Center-Inform received a letter of thanks from the management of Constantine Palace, commending the company for its rapid resolution of the task at hand. VIT-Center, in turn, is proud of proving itself a reliable partner, standing ready to protect the heritage of Russia's cultural capital.