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Video surveillance at Media Markt in Krasnodar (Russia), installed by Eagle Technologies Services


Video surveillance at Media Markt in Krasnodar (Russia), installed by Eagle Technologies Services

Eagle Technologies Services has completed installation of a security surveillance system at a Media Markt location in Krasnodar, Russia, covering over 7,000 square meters.

The Media Markt hypermarket is a tenant of Krasnodar's Galactica Mall, and one of the city's largest electronics and appliances retailers. The first floor holds retail areas, while part of the second floor contains office space.

Video surveillance at the site is based on Axxon Intellect Enterprise physical security information management (PSIM) software platform. The system includes 112 cameras, 7 sixteen-channel servers for video signal processing, and three workstations for operators. Sensors and relays have allowed integrating the surveillance system with an Aritech system for fire/security alarms and access control. Based on signals from the Aritech system, Axxon Intellect Enterprise controls PTZ camera units; when an alarm is activated, they zoom in, displaying a full-screen image of the relevant area on the operator's screen. All alarms are recorded in Intellect's database, which allows rapid processing and commenting.

Most of the video surveillance cameras are installed on the first floor of the hypermarket. All retail space is under surveillance, as well as the unloading area, auxiliary areas, and entrances and exits for auxiliary areas. Each checkout stand at Media Markt is monitored by its own high-resolution color camera.

The mall performs surveillance of common areas, such as staircases, escalators, entrances, and exits. Pursuant to client specifications, video footage is stored for at least one month.

Security personnel at the mall already know the Intellect platform and have found it a powerful tool for preventing misbehavior at the hypermarket, as well as for investigating possible thefts, vandalism, and other crimes. The system allows 24-hour monitoring and recording of all events at the hypermarket. Any information in the Intellect archives can be retrieved instantly.

About the Partner. Eagle Technologies Services LLC has been active in the Russian security market for over 12 years. Fully licensed and staffed with experienced specialists, Eagle Technologies Services works foremost in the deployment and installation of integrated smart security systems aimed at a wide range of users, from major businesses to private homes.