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All-over-IP 2012 Comes to a Successful Close


On 22 November the fifth All-over-IP International Forum, hosted in Moscow, Russia, came to a close. The general sponsor of the forum, AxxonSoft, presented its latest products at its stand and participated in several additional events with great success.

Shortly before the forum, two new AxxonSoft products made their debut: the Axxon Next open-platform VMS and version 4.8.3 of the Axxon Intellect Enterprise PSIM platform. Both releases were demonstrated at the company's stand. Special attention went to the new features in Axxon Intellect Enterprise, including support for panoramic cameras, the Failover module, integration with external storage devices, and the built-in RSTP server. Axxon Next was described in detail by Murat Altuev, AxxonSoft president, in his presentation "Axxon Next: A Brand-New Distributed VMS Solution from AxxonSoft. The New Standard in Innovation and Efficiency."

Advancements in video analytics are one of the biggest trends in video surveillance. Describing video analytics today – and outlining tomorrow’s features – was the topic of Altuev's presentation, "The Future of Video Analytics", offered as part of the Intelligent Video 2.0 conference. Video archive analytics are a recent invention, but as the AxxonSoft president showed, it has made enormous advances in that time. Unlike detection tools for real-time video, analysis of video archives does not require setting event criteria beforehand. This is particularly useful in the unpredictable circumstances of outdoor video surveillance, such as is employed by Safe City systems. Another talk at the conference was given by Andrey Khristoforov, Director for Corporate Sales at AxxonSoft. He spoke of the uses of smart technologies for municipal and regional governments.

AxxonSoft's presenters were awarded certificates of recognition at the forum's closing, while AxxonSoft itself received a prize and awards for its new Axxon Next VMS.

"We were very happy to see the reception of Axxon Next at the forum. Our new open-platform video management software has already taken top marks internationally, with British reviewers pronouncing it a cut above the most popular products worldwide. So it's only right that we present Axxon Next to the Russian public too. But our hopes for the product are bigger than just Russia, they are truly global in scale. The truly international nature of the All-over-IP forum this year – in terms of visibility abroad as well as in terms of the visitors – helps us to succeed in both arenas. We are confident All-over-IP will continue to survive, thrive, and reach even greater heights,"

said Murat Altuev, AxxonSoft President.

All-over-IP 2012 comes to a successful close All-over-IP 2012 comes to a successful close All-over-IP 2012 comes to a successful close