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Moscow’s Gorky Park safer thanks to Intellect-powered video surveillance


Moscow’s Gorky Park safer thanks to Intellect-powered video surveillance

The Gorky Park of Culture and Rest is a fixture for residents and visitors of the Russian capital – and is now protected by an integrated security system that is based on Axxon Intellect software and includes 200 video surveillance cameras, 16 emergency call boxes, and a control room on park premises.

Reporting for Russia’s TV Center channel, correspondent Alexey Melnikov spoke about the new system and interviewed government officials.

Viktor Paukov, head of the Interior Affairs Administration for the Central Administrative District of Moscow:
"This gives us a leg up in maintaining order. And if a crime does occur, then investigating it is easier: we can view events and archived footage."

Officials in the city government are confident that the technology is effective and will pay for itself quickly. Surveillance cameras will do more than just help with law enforcement: walking away with park property will be much more difficult, and renting a bike or rollerblades will be easier.

Sergey Kapkov, director of the city Department of Culture:
"We will put chips on all of our rental items. You can rent a bike at the entrance, return it at another gate, and get your deposit back. The cameras will let us track the movements of any visitor."

According to TV Center, soon all of Moscow’s parks will be equipped with such video surveillance. These systems will be part of the overall Information City project, which is designed to help law enforcement and first responders to pinpoint events and react quickly.

Alexey Mayorov, director of the city Department of Regional Safety:
"Whether it is an altercation or incident that requires bringing in the Emergency Situations Ministry, water utilities, or another agency – people can immediately know about hazards in any section of the park."