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Runway Duty Free Stores Network in Domodedovo Airport, Moscow – Axxon Retail Solution, Installer: Videoglaz Company


Runway Duty Free Stores Network in Domodedovo Airport, Moscow – Axxon Retail Solution, Installer: Videoglaz Company

Runway duty free stores network situated in Domodedovo airport, Moscow, Russia, has extended its POS control solution based on Axxon Retail. Videoglaz company, certified Axxon partner, performed upgrade of integrated system consisting of Axxon Retail software, Axis IP cameras, access control system and MBS Navision Attain retail automation system.

At the moment of decision to upgrade was taken, Runway Duty Free network was equipped with IP cameras form Axis and POS control system which was fairly enough for the purpose. However, user experience resulted in a set of propositions for integrated system improvement. The upgrade performed by Videoglaz company included increasing of IP cameras number to 70 and, in cooperation with POS hardware developer, customer propositions were implemented to fit the new requirements. Videoglaz performed integration of the resulting solution.

Runway Duty Free is a major duty free retail network operating in Domodedovo airport. Being a joint Russian-Irish venture, it exists since 2004. Russian co-founder of the network is Art Alliance company, a major national supplier of souvenirs. Irish partner company name is AerRianta International. At present, Runway comprises 10 retail stores and 2 bars.

About the Partner: Videoglaz company develops comprehensive turnkey solutions of integrated security systems for business clients – from system planning and design to maintenance of implemented systems. Company is profiled in providing of integrated security solutions for production plants and facilities, offices, supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants and other sensitive sites.

Videoglaz technical crew consists of top experts in complex CCTV and security systems design, installation and integration. Most of Videoglaz engineers are graduates of one of the leading Russian technical universities – Baumann Technical School – and they are capable of tuning and commissioning of even most complex security systems.