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Axxon Professional In Russian Scientific Centre - Kurchatov Institute


Axxon Professional In Russian Scientific Centre - Kurchatov Institute

ABRON Holding Company, Axxon certified partner, finished an installation of intelligent CCTV system based upon Axxon Professional product in Kurchatov Institute.

The system is intended for 24/7 video control of several buildings belonging to the Institute by delivering live video feeds from security critical locations.

Carrying out the project, ABRON Holding specialists installed 15 Axis 221 IP cameras connected by switches, data servers and surveillance workstations into a CCTV network controlled by Axxon Professional software.

The customer insisted on IP cameras having several reasons. Primary consideration was to apply existing IT infrastructure for image transmission without the need of additional cabling. «Axxon Professional works no worse than proprietary software from IP hardware vendors, and in some cases is even more stable and productive, — says Evgeny Amosov, CEO of ABRON Holding. — Moreover, the system supports the majority of camera models from leading vendors — offering easier choice of needed hardware».

Video feeds from all IP cameras are collected by central data server. Viewing workstations deployed at security outpost offer nor only server archive viewing but also live monitoring of premises and perimeter. Therefore, CCTV provided proactive approach to possible incidents, and in case of any abnormal event — immediate evaluation, localization and mitigation of the incident.

Axxon Professional intelligent video surveillance system is designed using state-of-the-art video processing technologies realizing a brand new approach to security video. The main advantage of the system is its highest productivity giving operators effective operations control and powerful video search engine. The system applies intelligent image processing algorithms to detect suspicious activities and notify operators in time. Thanks to high degree of automation, human factor influence is sufficiently reduces to make security personnel more concentrated on their duties. There are several other innovative technologies embodied in Axxon Professional. «Axxon Professional really puts a new spin into CCTV, — summarizes Vladimir Zviagin, CTO of ABRON Holding. — and we are proud that our crew has successfully implemented this innovative system in Kurchatov Institute which is a top ranked innovation centre»

Kurchatov Institute is one of the largest scientific centres in Russia. Main directions in its research activities are safe nuclear power industry development, controlled thermonuclear fusion and plasma processes, low and mid-energy nuclear physics, solid state physics and superconductivity, meson chemistry.

ABRON Holding Company was founded by several experts in security technology applications: CCTV, ACS, perimeter protection and integrated systems, etc. ABRON Holding Company offers high quality equipment carefully tested by tech experts for compatibility, operational quality, reliability and durability.