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Bank of Siberia Additional Office – Axxon Enterprise System, installer: USTM Company


USTM Company finished an installation of security system based on Axxon Enterprise platform for additional office of Bank of Siberia on Herzen street, 221, Omsk, Russia. This installation is a part of a project of distributed CCTV network covering all branches of Bank of Siberia in Omsk region.

For successful CCTV system implementation, the client has chosen Axxon Enterprise platform. Main criteria for final decision were:

  • CCTV integration with access control;
  • effective network architecture for connecting bank branches;
  • remote monitoring from several workstations;
  • 24/7 surveillance;
  • option of adding new modules;
  • ability of fast response to certain events.

USTM technical experts were given a task to establish video control of cash collectors route and inside bank office as well as service quality control in client area. Understanding critical importance of security in banking sector, the installer company provided fastest possible installation and setup of the entire CCTV network for the bank.

4 outdoor and 5 indoor cameras were installed on site. Live monitoring is being performed in security outpost room. In the future, all bank offices will be covered by a unified CCTV network.

The system enables Bank of Siberia to secure its operation. Assets protection, service quality and crime prevention tasks are being solved successfully. Axxon Enterprise users are satisfied with wide range of functional abilities of the system.

About the Partner: USTM Company, a certified Axxon partner, is specialized in security systems integration. USTM offers sales, installation, commissioning, maintenance and warranty service of digital and analog CCTV systems, ACS and other equipment. USTM Company is using Axxon products for customer satisfaction.