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Get the latest edition of Experience the Next


Get the latest edition of Experience the Next

Experience the Next 2013 is a new edition of AxxonSoft's newsletter dedicated to company news and plans. The highlight of the first 2013 issue is the latest versions of Axxon Next, the company's innovative open platfr om video management software (VMS). As the developers, we were inspired by the idea that success in today's market requires constant development and creating systems that are ever more complete, easy to use, and user-friendly. The result is a number of in-demand features in the updated versions of Axxon Next that meet and exceed their equivalents in competing products. Read the newsletter for more information on what we have been able to accomplish.

Murat Altuev, AxxonSoft President, has written "More Than Just a Luxury…", which contains his vision of wh ere the video analytics market is going and which breakthrough technologies and revolutionary changes await us soon.

Other pages describe Axxon Universe, which has been initiated by AxxonSoft and its partners among leading hardware and technology manufacturers in the security and IP industry. Learn about integrated solutions for business and organizations in far-flung countries and industries. The new marketing program offers big advantages for AxxonSoft, vendors, and security end users as well.

We are also excited to tell readers about success stories of AxxonSoft-based video surveillance projects, including a Safe City system in Lima, Peru; a corporate security system at Raiffeisen Bank Aval in Ukraine; an IKEA store in Murcia, Spain; at Burger King restaurants in Russia, and many other sites.

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