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ITV (Axxon CIS) Kyiv becomes a host for Axis Communications Academy educational program in Ukraine


In early summer of 2008, IT Connect, an official Axis Communications distributor in Ukraine, conducted the first national training of partner companies’ specialists. Axxon and Axis have a long and successful collaborative history. Both companies are leaders in their market segments, and they already performed numerous joint actions.

Axis Communications, a global leader in IP video, marks now a sufficient raise in demand for both its products and, consequently, for Axis Communications Academy trainings. IP cameras now become more and more popular being used in lots of solutions all over the world. Another reason is the massive migration from analog CCTV to IP based video surveillance.

To establish global support for Axis partners and clients, several training centers are provided in the USA, Europe and Asia. Since the program started in 2005, over 5,000 specialists were introduced to the world of network video. IP video market grows about 40% each year stimulating big demand for knowledge exchange -- market response on Axis training program has made it quite obvious. During 2007, about 3,000 specialists had been trained in more than 35 countries; this figure is expected to grow sufficiently in 2008.

The first training session in Ukraine was conducted in ITV/Axxon CIS educational facility in Kyiv. The program included several presentations, Axis cameras tuning workshops and IP CCTV systems design studies (1st level). On getting basic principles of Axis cameras operation, specialists were offered to switch to Axxon Enterprise integrated security system. Joint training from a partnership of two major companies was appreciated by first graduates.

«I’d like to express my admiration and gratitude towards both IT Connect and ITV/Axxon CIS companies for a great opportunity of joint training. Living outside Kyiv, i got a valuable chance to both save time, accomodation/travel expenses and to get into advantages of Axis cameras applications under control of Axxon Enterprise software. It was literally my dream to get such experience, and it came true -- just within one week!» – asserts Dmitry, a graduate working for Quasar-Micro company.

«Such a practice gives us invaluable experience and knowledge for efficient working with both IP cameras and Axxon Enterprise integrated software security system. This is very nice to have an opportunity of joint training, and it saves our resources as well», – emphasizes Vladimir of Intelcom company.

Pavel Kravtsov, one of IT Connect trainers, noted: «Observing Axis Communications’ pro security product sales growth, we came across a huge demand for certification trainings from our partners. Therefore we had to respond somehow. I’m glad to see ITV/Axxon CIS as our partner in training process -- they kindly consigned their PC packed classroom to use. I have to note that Axxon is widely recognized as one of the leading software suppliers for IP video surveillance and integrated security systems. I believe that our partnership is a new benchmark in both companies’ business development».

Alexander Kurinnoy from ITV/Axxon CIS training department comments: «For me as a training specialist it’s rather a double workload -- but I’m very glad to co-operate with such a respectable company as Axis represented by IT Connect. First trainings unveiled a great interest in professional community. For a trainer, it’s always a great reward -- to see joyful, happy and optimistic faces in the audience. I hope this co-operation will not only bring business results but also will improve social aspects -- contributing into another step to total safety».

All specialists trained within the program were awarded by official certificates from both Axis Communications and ITV/Axxon CIS companies.