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Gambling club network in Moscow region, Axxon Professtional intelligent video surveillance system, installer: Grand Prix


Specialists of Grand Prix company, Moscow, have finished installation of a video surveillance system for a 500 square meters gambling club in Pushkino. This is a 3rd site of the same network where Grand Prix installs CCTV. 2 previously commissioned clubs are situated in Orekhovo-Zuevo and Elektrostal.

In each club, main security tasks for CCTV systems are to enable high efficiency of video control over inner premises of the club and adjacent areas. No less important were initial price of the system and maintenance costs. That’s why Axxon Professonal had been chosen for all locations mentioned -- embedded analytics allowed to minimize human factor interference into control process. It was achieved by using Axxon embedded intelligent and service detectors and by organizing video recording in several different modes. Therefore, analytic capabilities of the system had maximized efficiency of system operation without any additional expenses.

The specifics of the site in Pushkino was the need to secure the gaming area where high quality control of each gaming place was essential. The main problem for achieving this were too high gaming machines in the centre of the hall making speed dome cameras application unacceptable. The engineers decided to apply fixed cameras equipped with manual iris varifocal lenses. Cameras were mounted in the most difficult-to-view areas to give operators full control over the scene.

The entire system deployed in Pushkino is based on Axxon Professional F40 video surveillance system. It comprises 35 CCTV cameras from Samsung Electronics, one SRV video server and one operator’s workstation. 28 solid body cameras were applied – 22 are SCC-B2011P and 6 are SCC-B2091P; seven more cameras are SCC-B531xP speed domes with built-in lenses.

About the Partner. Grand Prix Company was founded in 1995 and gain its reputation as a highly reliable supplier of equipment for wide variety of security systems, and experienced system designer and installer. Since the very start of its business, the company develops its own solutions successfully applied in various areas of national security market.