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SONEL S. A. company office, Axxon Enterprise based security system, installer: VIDEOGLAZ Company


VIDEOGLAZ company finished testing and commissioning of Axxon Enterprise platform based security system for Moscow office of SONEL S.A. international company.

The client’s needs as expressed by SONEL board members were to provide the company office with a reliable and feature packed video surveillance and access control systems combination. VIDEOGLAZ experts offered Axxon Professional integrated security platform to match all expectations. The core of the system is VIDEOGLAZ DVR.

There are several on-site workstations for video monitoring and system administering, and remote workstations can access the system via the Internet. More than ten cameras have been installed. The system includes several access points and automatic alarm system.

SONEL is a Russian representation of SONEL S.A. company, Poland. The company develops, produces and sells professional measuring and control equipment for electrical safety.

About the Partner. VIDEOGLAZ company develops turnkey integrated business security solutions — from design to support service. It is profiled in providing comprehensive security solutions for plants, factories, offices, supermarkets, stores, restaurants and other kinds of sites.

The company specialists have expert knowledge and experience in CCTV and security systems design, installation and service. VIDEOGLAZ engineers, most of them graduates of Bauman Technical University, Moscow, are capable of setting up and commissioning even the most complicated integrated systems.