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Oriflame factory (Russia) protected by Axxon Intellect security management software


Oriflame factory (Russia) protected by Axxon Intellect  security management software

In March 2013, installation of a security and video management system was completed at a Russian factory of Oriflame, a leading manufacturer of cosmetics in Russia and around the world. Reliable AxxonSoft partner Grand Prix performed installation works for the project.

Oriflame Cosmetics S.A. is a Swedish cosmetics company and a premier world manufacturer of cosmetic products, perfumes, beauty products, jewelry, and accessories. Represented in 62 countries, Oriflame is a leader in direct sales in over half of its markets.

What were the project goals? And what kind of security system did the client require? There were two main tasks that had to be completed in order to make a truly effective, centrally managed security system.

The first task was for the installer to develop a solution to protect the Oriflame warehouse complex, taking into account the needs of the consignment inventory storage. So it was critical that the system and its hardware not only be vandal-proof, but also offer split-second reactions to alarms and full video monitoring of the warehouse site.

The second task was to install the video surveillance system at an office building and adjacent spaces.

Oriflame factory (Russia) protected by Axxon Intellect security management softwareThe diverse nature of these requirements meant that the video management system had to be flexible, scalable, and geographically distributed. This is why the Axxon Intellect PSIM platform from AxxonSoft was chosen: built to power multifunctional security systems of all scales and levels of complexity, the software allows installing a large number of servers and setting up the necessary number of remote workstations for monitoring. At this stage, the site was equipped with nine servers and two monitoring posts, as well as approximately 200 cameras with resolution of 1 and 1.3 MP.

The choice of hardware was ultimately made in favor of Brickcom. Importantly, the Axxon Intellect PSIM platform fully supports all of the features of Brickcom IP devices and ensures uninterrupted recording of event footage.

The broad array of Brickcom devices and powerful integration support in Axxon Intellect allowed flexibility in choosing hardware based on intended use. For general site monitoring, FB-100Ap fixed box cameras with 1 MP resolution were chosen. In product storage areas, FB-130Np cameras based on the highly sensitive SonyExmor™ sensor were installed.

The selection of outdoor cameras for perimeter protection went to the OB-130Np, with its built-in IR illuminators and ruggedness necessary to withstand the unforgiving Russian climate. The office areas at the factory are covered by compact CB-100Ae cameras, which offer exceptional image quality and built-in microphones for audio recording.

By tying all these components together, Grand Prix's solution – with AxxonSoft software and Brickcom IP hardware – allowed meeting all of the client's needs and providing effective protection for Oriflame facilities.

About our partner. Founded in 1995, Grand Prix has earned its reputation as a reliable vendor, designer, and installer of hardware and software solutions for security clients. The company has also used its know-how to develop products of its own, which have long enjoyed success throughout the Russian market.