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Get the latest issue of AxxonSoft corporate magazine


Get the latest issue of AxxonSoft corporate magazine

AxxonSoft enthusiastically presents the latest issue of Experience the Next (1)2014, a magazine in which we tell all about our latest news, upcoming plans, and how we intend to reach our ambitious goals and delight our customers.

In this edition, we have placed the spotlight on a very significant trend that will affect the industry as a whole: deep integration of video management software with the forensic capabilities of IP cameras. More and more end users and installers prefer systems with powerful video analytics when designing solutions, whether for small retailers or for strategic infrastructure sites. The hardware requirements imposed by analytics run right up against the limits of server capacity. So instead of "raising the head" to make servers more powerful, the future of the industry lies in decapitating it, moving to a less strictly centralized model. For more on ways of meeting this challenge and the steps already being taken by AxxonSoft, read the article by AxxonSoft President Murat Altuev.

Version 4.0 of our Axxon Next VMS will implement new technology to support scene description metadata provided by cameras. So in this edition, we have decided to share more on the unique analytic tools in Axxon Next, which, once the CPU hurdle has been overcome, can be deployed at projects of any budget.

Other pages describe the latest version of our Intellect PSIM platform: version 4.9 includes tools for making system use even more convenient and effective. And, incidentally, leveraging video analytics to the max.

AxxonSoft is committed to long-term partnership with key IP hardware vendors and to supporting IP functionality, which has the potential to upend the current industry situation. This is the topic of our reporting, dedicated to the present and future of on-board video analytics – forensic video analysis performed using camera hardware.

Finally, we are glad to think back to a recent celebration of sport and, yes, pageantry: the Winter Olympic Games held in Sochi earlier this year. We are proud to now be able to discuss our role in ensuring security for the biggest event in world sports. Intellect-powered security systems covered most of the sports venues at the Olympic Park in Sochi, for example!

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