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AxxonSoft at Sfitex International Security and Fire Safety Exhibition - 2008


AxxonSoft at Sfitex International Security and Fire Safety Exhibition - 2008

Sfitex International Security and Fire Safety Exhibition, the oldest Russian exhibition of its kind and the largest in North Western region, was held from October 15th to 18th at LenExpo, St. Petersburg. 5 years ago AxxonSoft/ITV established its presence here, and each year brings more innovative products and solutions from top Russian security software vendor - and more interest from visitors. This year’s hottest premiere from AxxonSoft/ITV was the introduction of Transport Security & Traffic Safety booth.

AxxonSoft/ITV is undoubtedly one of the leading security software vendors in Russia - always accompanied with high expectations from its presence at trade shows and exhibitions. At Sfitex - 2008, public attention was focused on several new products from AxxonSoft: Traffic Control module, Stream Labs’ WaveCamMx IP camera and Matrix NVR network video server designed by AxxonSoft in cooperation with JVC. Numerous representatives of companies profiled in security systems design and integration expressed their interest in company’s novelties. Lots of ideas and valuable proposals had been discussed for further implementation into forthcoming AxxonSoft products.

Among numerous AxxonSoft partners in IP, access control and fire alarm systems integration exhibited at Sfitex, there were Axis, Sony, Mobotix, Armo Systems, Ravelin, Argus-Specter, Eltis, AAM Systems, Bolid and other leading world and national brands. At ITV home booth, joint Axxon/Kraftway solutions were displayed. Over fifteen exhibitors presented their implementation of AxxonSoft/ITV products for wide range of security systems of small to large-scale. For effective visitor targeting to AxxonSoft/ITV and its patrners, two separate information desks had been provided.

Sfitex-2008 business programme included several dedicated seminars covering AxxonSoft products and technologies - hosted by Sony, Astra-ST, Ravelin, Itrium and Armo Systems. A set of daily seminars were held by Argus Spectrum where Eugene Kondratiev, AxxonSoft/ITV partner programme director, discussed various aspects of business interaction between AxxonSoft and system integrators.

Andrey Kireyev, AxxonSoft/ITV product manager for traffic and transport security, presented new products at home booth, and his colleagues from Astra-ST, an official AxxonSoft/ITV partner company, did the same at their own location. The presentation detailed basics of Axxon Enterprise License Plate Recognition and Traffic Control modules and covered several sample implementations of these modules into large-scale systems (such as Safe City project in Chelyabinsk, Russia). Axxon Enterprise based solutions may be applied for newly introduced Russian practice of automated tracking of motoring offences - at present moment, this is one of the key competitive advantages of traffic control solutions from AxxonSoft.

Another success of a well reputed company at a prestigious trade show really dissonates with common complaints on crisis and decay. AxxonSoft has preserved its propulsive business strategy - and Sfitex-2008 just proved it.