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AxxonSoft and Agregator: technical partnership for the long term. Axxon Next VMS integrated with Castle access control system.


Agregator and AxxonSoft have collaborated since 2009, creating and promoting joint comprehensive security solutions. Work has recently finished on integration of the Castle access control system with the next-generation open-platform Axxon Next video management software (VMS), which features exceptional ease of use, process automation, and forensic video analytics.

One of the biggest opportunities offered by the new integration support for Castle is the ability to create a site surveillance system with 16 free video channels and 1 TB of video archives.

The Castle professional access control system allows limiting and monitoring entry and exit to buildings and groups of buildings, through any number of doors and turnstiles, for an unlimited number of employees and visitors. Castle is compatible with a wide range of third-party products, making it an ideal partner for Axxon Next in use in distributed security systems that integrate video surveillance, fire/security alarms, and access control.

AxxonSoft is committed to development and ongoing improvement of video analytics tools. These efforts have already paid off in Axxon Next, which provides exclusive technologies for lightning-fast dynamic search of recorded video and real-time scene analytics. Combined with Castle access control, these capabilities can ensure extremely effective security at even the most complex sites.

Integration of Axxon Next and Castle opens up several opportunities for operators of combined solutions:

  • Real-time viewing of camera video and access control events.
  • Ability to automatically choose a camera for optimal display of surveillance video (such as for recording visits to a protected area) as well as playback of video matching an event recorded in the access control log.
  • Real-time video playback when a camera is selected on the site map.

Drivers Pack, the "glue" that connects Axxon Next to a wide range of IP devices via special drivers, offers significant additional features as well. By enabling IP cameras and other IP hardware to communicate with AxxonSoft software, Drivers Pack allows connecting newly integrated IP devices to Axxon Next-powered security systems, without requiring updates to the core product or reinstallation of the system.

Thanks to this integration, clients can be confident that any new hardware in the security system at their site will always be fully and properly supported in combined use with Castle access control.

Moreover, if multiple Axxon Next-powered surveillance systems or multiple video servers are installed at a site, Castle access control can interface with an unlimited number of video servers in distributed security systems simultaneously.

«Integration with Axxon Next is a step forward in the innovation and power of our combined technologies. There is substantial pent-up demand for integrating access control with Axxon Next: a significant number of clients have been asking for this very opportunity. So I certainly hope that this news will be enthusiastically met by our colleagues at other companies on the market for security and systems integration»,

praised Alexander Chizhov, General Director of Agregator.

Thus not only does the new integrated AxxonSoft–Agregator solution push forward the partnership and collaboration of the two companies, but it provides the market – both installers and systems integrators – with new opportunities for equipping the most complicated sites with state-of-the-art security technologies.

About Agregator

Agregator a developer and vendor of specialized security solutions for mission-critical industrial sites and infrastructure, including resource extraction, gas and hydrocarbon transportation and refining, and more. Agregator solutions provide the company's clients with comprehensive, reliable protection that makes use of the latest and highest-quality hardware and software.

About AxxonSoft

AxxonSoft is a leading developer of technologies for integrated security systems. Since the company's inception in 2003, over 100,000 successful projects worldwide have been implemented based on AxxonSoft software. According to IMS Research, AxxonSoft is one of the top four global developers of VMS with its open platform enjoying 60% market share in Russia per Frost & Sullivan analytics. More than 2,500 partners perform over 1,500 installations every month and 38 offices on five continents ensure rapid deliveries and exemplary partner support. AxxonSoft is a contributing member of ONVIF and a PSIA member.