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1st International IP Security Forum comes to a close


The first-ever International IP Security Forum has come to a closer after recent events held in the Russian cities of Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don on 7, 15 and 21 October respectively.

The event organizer was AxxonSoft, a world leader in development of smart integrated security and surveillance systems, joined by co-organizer IPDrom, a security hardware vendor specializing in hardware bundles and consulting services for surveillance needs. Sony was General Sponsor of the Forum. The media sponsor of the St. Petersburg event was RUBEZH was general media sponsor in Rostov-on-Don.

The IP forum was packed with information and excitement, with presentations on the latest IP developments given by AxxonSoft's global technology partners Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Axis, VIVOTEK and 3S Vision. Speakers touched on the opportunities available with on-board camera apps, outlook for cameras with 4K resolution, ins and outs of edge analytics, and more.

The event also included a demo zone where the equipment of participating vendors was available to visitors, who could ask questions of the vendor representatives.

AxxonSoft and its technology partners participating in the Forum may collaborate in hardware distribution, but this relationship is intensifying in other areas as well. Thanks to tireless efforts at numerous companies, the list of IP video hardware featuring support for AxxonSoft integration is continuing to grow at a great pace. Active collaboration is also underway to ensure compatibility with camera-generated metadata, which offers flexibility and lower costs for the end customers of security systems compared to traditional options.

By all standards, the event was a success: almost 200 people visited the event from 11 cities in central, northwestern and southern Russia. These guests included representatives of trading companies, security system integrators and installers, various levels of government, as well as oil and gas, banking and other sectors.

Visitors valued the speakers' presentations and listened with great interest to the remarks from both AxxonSoft and partner company representatives. In just one day, visitors could get an overview of technologies available from industry leaders, evaluate and compare the features of hardware from all the available brands, and learn more about the products of greatest interest.

A positive opinion on the IP forum was shared by the organizers and sponsors. The organizers plan to build on this success by repeating the event next year, drawing even more visitors from various sectors by broadening their geographical reach and adding new and exciting events to the event agenda.

"Close cooperation between software developers and hardware manufacturers is the way forward for the security industry. Many manufacturers are currently hard at work implementing tools for forensic video analysis on board the cameras they make. The ability of cameras to generate metadata and send it to video management software takes an enormous burden off of video servers, resulting in big cost savings for surveillance customers,"

said Yakov Volkind, Director of the AxxonSoft office in St. Petersburg.

The IP Forum is an interesting event format that gathers together both the target audience for IP surveillance and camera manufacturers. While some of the technologies are hard to tell apart at first glance, exhibitors have the opportunity to stand out, make their case and show how their product is different. Lively discussion plus the ability to compare popular cameras in person and meet other security professionals with no 'fluff' allowed fitting the event into the planned schedule. Also of note is that, as the Forum moved from Ekaterinburg to St. Petersburg and then Rostov-on-Don, the number of visitors kept growing. So I'm confident that with proper organization and marketing support, the popularity and geographic reach of the Forum will only continue to expand,"

praised Mikhail Zikeev, who represented Sony, General Sponsor of the IP Forum.

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