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Intellect in the KIT Finance bank


Intellect in the KIT Finance bank

A security system based on the Intellect platform has been installed at the Renaissance Plaza branch of the КIT Finance bank.

Business centers like Renaissance Plaza draw in multitudes of people. It is a very demanding and yet challenging job to guarantee security for such premises. The multifunctional Intellect software platform, with a plethora of great facilities that enable to develop efficient integrated security systems, rose to the occasion.


КIT Finance bank is an independent Russian investment bank, providing companies, financial institutions and private investors with investment-banking and financial services. The bank was founded in November 2001 by a handful of executives, steeped in the lore of investment companies and Russian banks. They were united by the idea to create an independent investment bank for Russian investors.

The St. Petersburg office of КIT Finance is located in the Renaissance Plaza business center – one of the largest A-class compounds in St. Petersburg. The office occupies the whole of building B of the business center, i.e. stretches over nearly one third of the facility.


KIT FinanceThe customer was interested in the installation of a reliable security system that would contribute to a modern well-appointed office and enable the staff to function in a comfortable and secure environment.

It was important to lay out a system, combining the main monitoring, control and security components, i.e. video surveillance and intruder alarm system. The Axxon Intellect Enterprise platform proved to be the right solution.


Ravelin, a distributor of AxxonSoft equipment and its sci-tech partner, delivered the Intellect platform to RTA Engineering for installation and provided technical support and advice on site. Juri Kalinin, a specialist in video surveillance computer systems with Ravelin believes, that it is the Intellect’s flexibility and cross-platform versatility that has made it possible to solve the task, set by the customer, both efficiently and quickly.

«It should be noted, that the system based on the Intellect platform, which we have installed at the customer’s office, is not simple at all. Video surveillance and an intruder alarm are intertwined into a single solution. Seven Intellect based servers were installed, six of which make up the video surveillance system and one operates the intruder alarm system. All the servers share a common database. This makes the control of the security system all the more effective and user-friendly,» – said Viacheslav Vasilenko, a computer security system engineer from RTA Engineering.


The customer is satisfied with the security system installed at the office. Steady and efficient performance, high-quality video, control over the archive size, where one can instantaneously locate the required video footage, a common interface to manage all the systems, great capabilities of the system to be scaled up and integrated – to name only a few benefits for KIT Finance.


Ravelin trade house is a dynamic growth company, rendering a whole range of professional security services. Ravelin is one of the largest vendors of security hardware for the leading world producers in St. Petersburg. It successfully developed its brainchild – the GATE access control system.

RTA Engineering installed the security system at Renaissance Plaza. The company was founded in 1994 and offers cutting-edge technologies in security systems for diverse applications. Propelled by its outstanding expertise gained over years of field work, the company boasts a full range of services related to various security systems: design, development, installation and service.