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Results of the international All-over-IP forum


The second international All-over-IP forum, organized by the company Groteck and dedicated to the application of IP technologies in various industries, was held on November 19, 2009 in the Sokolniki Exhibition Center. Knowing that the basic standards in the IP video surveillance segment are currently being established, the company AxxonSoft not only took part in the event but also became its sponsor.

The opening address at the forum was given by Stanislav Miller, director of AxxonSoft software development, who talked briefly about modern trends in the development of IP technologies for video surveillance. The numerous guests of the event then had the opportunity to visit the booths of forum participants and listen to seminars that went on virtually non-stop.

AxxonSoft conducted two seminars. The product Axxon Smart IP was presented by AxxonSoft President Murat Altuev, who discussed the advantages of not only the product itself, but also of the new NGP platform on which the product is based. Murat Altuev also discussed the development prospects for Axxon’s NGP-based product line.

The president of AxxonSoft took part in a roundtable discussion dedicated to video analysis. He expressed the opinion that, in the future, video analysis must win a wider audience , meaning that it should not as much expertise to configure a system at a facility. Murat Altuev also called attention to the fact that one of the more important trends at present is the development of embedded analysis of end devices such as IP cameras.

AxxonSoft’s commercial director Dmitriy Shelestov presented a report on the economic benefit of transitioning from analog systems to IP. While noting that the implementation of IP systems undoubtedly has its difficulties, Dmitriy Shelestov emphasized that modern IP video surveillance systems are not only superior to analog systems in terms of technologies, but are also superior in terms of implementation and future operation costs, provided that the system includes a sufficient number of cameras. An example estimate was calculated for the cost of a system at a typical facility that includes 144 indoor cameras. The cost of a system based on megapixel IP cameras turned out to be lower than the cost of a system based on analog cameras, and the cost of a system based on low-end IP cameras turned out to be even lower. It was noted that a gradual transition to IP equipment is one of the major trends in modern video surveillance.

From its booth, AxxonSoft demonstrated its newly developed Axxon Smart IP as well as the integration of its flagship product “Intellect” with cameras from various manufacturers. Axxon Smart IP was introduced to booth visitors by Stanislav Miller, while Juliana Batrankova, the head of IP integration projects, discussed the interaction of AxxonSoft with IP equipment vendors and talked about newly integrated devices and the development prospects of this area.

As a whole, the forum left a positive impression and brought great results. One of the biggest reasons for this was the forum’s closed format, and practically all guests attended the forum with a specific objective. “At the forum we were able to productively communicate with potential partners and with professionals from potential customers. Fortunately, All-over-IP was not attended by just anyone off the street. In fact, many of the people who came to our booth and to our seminars were already signed up before the forum”, noted Dmitriy Shelestov.